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Film of Vote Suppression in Ohio Nov. 2

Please realize that even with all of the voter suppression documented in this film, Kerry was still ahead in the exit polls in the evening of
Nov. 2 - and in the early morning hours the voting machines needed to be tweaked to give Bush the lead. That means Kerry actually won by a large margin.
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Re: Film of Vote Suppression in Ohio Nov. 2

Columbus, Ohio Election Day Footage
Nov. 2, 2004

Play video now: Windows Media

This video was entered as evidence into the U.S. Congressional Record by Congressional challengers to the Ohio Electoral votes on January 6, 2005. One woman from Oregon who watched this video said, "Seeing the film strip of the disenfranchised voters, I said, 'Is this the country we live in? Is the United States?' And we have the audacity to question other countries' elections? I'm ashamed of how democracy is working in America. It breaks my heart." see more videos

To order a copy of this Ohio election day footage, contact linda_byrket (at) For related documents, contact Sheri Leigh Myers at 310-390-8141.


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