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Eyes On the Prize, February 8, at Barrios Unidos

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In, Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos and Santa Cruz Indymedia present a Special Screening of

Eyes On the Prize

Tonight, Tuesday February 8th
Barrios Unidos
It is Black History Month, and you couldn't see the important Civil Rights documentary "Eyes on the Prize" if you wanted to. It hasn't shown publicly for ten years nor are new copies for sale because of restrictive copyright laws.

You may have heard about tonight's national guerilla screening of Eyes On The Prize. It's a protest, a reclaiming of the public domain, and an
attempt to bring this important series back into circulation.

We're going to do it. Tonight. Can you come? Can you drag some friends, some family, out for a free movie?

Tonight, Tuesday February 8th
Barrios Unidos

Barrios Unidos is located at 1817 Soquel Avenue. It is on the left side of Soquel Ave., just before Capitola Rd., if you are coming from downtown
Santa Cruz.

- - -

Eyes on the Prize

is an award-winning documentary series that many consider a foundation of our collective memory of the Civil Rights Movement. It's the most vivid
portrayal of the civil rights movement and for millions of people, it's the foundation for understanding what happened. Makers of Eyes on the
Prize brought together extensive historical footage from the period and featured ordinary people who helped change the course of history for the better. No other book or movie has comprehensively brought together this much footage or has become a more common reference on the civil rights movement.

BRING blankets, pillows, drink, food to share, and as many friends as you can rustle up. We'll start pretty promptly after 7pm with no riggamarole, shorts, or intermission.

SANTA CRUZ GUERILLA DRIVE-IN is exactly what it sounds like -- (usually, but not always) an outdoor movie theatre under the stars that springs up unexpectedly in the fields and industrial wastelands. Guerilla Drive-In is helping reclaim public space and transform our urban environment into the joyful playground it should be.


From Downtown Santa Cruz, take Soquel Ave. past Seabright and past Morrisey and keep going to Barrios Unidos on your left at 1817 Soquel Ave.
In the same block of buildings as the Volks Cafe.

MORE INFO and schedule
(finally updated today!)

This special screening is part of an international effort to free this important film from the cold shackles of restrictive copyright law.

For more information check out the website, Eyes on The Screen.

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