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Freak Radio: Station Id mixes

A Collection of Station Ids for Freak Radio Santa Cruz 101fm (stereo) or streaming at Sailing into 10 years of UNLICENSED Collectively run Community Radio 24 hours a day.

Future of Radio FRSC staion id mix
Hacking into the Matrix station ID

Freaky Radio Station Id
featuring Zhuatenali, dj bradley, LD brewer, Sue Carpenter KBLT, Sista Snatch, Mad Mike, DJ Suzie, dj danielsan

Rollins Merlin station id
Henry Rollins badgering a FRSC DJ, Xdj Merlin, scooter

Pacifica Resolution supporting Pirate Radio
recorded off KPFT mixed by Scooter

Rockstar Station FRSC Id
Rev Billy, Radioactive, Ian(Fugazi) Jello Biafra, Boots Riley, Indigo Girls, Tom Morello, Azeem, Fifteen, Jim Page, Immortal Teq, Strike Anywhere, Mike Park

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Great!! The FCC should LOVE these!!

I love Free Radio Santa Cruz!!

Sometimes I can even hear it at 101.1 FM on my radio dial where miscreants totally unrelated to ANY members of the Free Radio Collective of Santa Cruz, CA., have criminally REBROADCAST (gasp!) our strictly legit, live audio stream!!

If I didn't listen to Free Radio Santa Cruz, where would I get my latest batch of Israel-bashing propaganda from?

Re: Freak Radio: Station Id mixes

In case you haven't heard, FRSC is BACK on the Air, the way it should be.... and you can claim membership in the FRSC collective, just as you claim Palestine, doesn't exist, but that doesn't make it the truth.

Re: Freak Radio: Station Id mixes

For Becky, You may listen but you will never hear.
FREE PALESTINE!!! only on FREE RADIO Santa Cruz 101fm


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