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Linking the American Left to Terror-The Stewart Conviction

The true meaning of the radical persecution of civil-rights attorney Lynne Stewart is simply to link the American left wing with terrorism.
Linking the American Left to Terror-The Stewart Conviction

Lloyd Hart

The true meaning of the radical persecution of civil-rights attorney Lynne Stewart is simply to link the American left wing with terrorism. It has been part of the Bush regimes' strategy from the very beginning. "If you're not with us your against us." Any criticism of the Bush regime is off-limits. Any defense of civil rights the Bush regime opposes is off limits.

Attorney General John Ashcroft himself warned the senators in direct testimony who were questioning his administration of the Patriot act and the very rules that were used to destroy attorney client privilege that led to the targeted persecution of Lynne Stewart that they're very criticism was giving aid and comfort to America's enemies, the terrorists.

By linking America's left-wing directly through Lynne Stewart's conviction to terrorism in the minds of all of those that voted for Bush and those that didn't the Bush regime is hardening the political landscape to an extreme not seen since the targeted persecution of the enlightened left in the 1950s. Giving those that support the Bush regime the very justification to view America's political left as villains on par with the terrorists and therefore except the persecution of the American left as terrorists.

These practices have been used over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again throughout history against the enlightened people of the world by a small minority of the extraordinarily violent individuals who use their violence and accumulated power to suppress open and enlightened societies. This is what is going on here.

Lynne Stewart did absolutely nothing wrong other than exercise her rights to free speech and client Attorney privilege. Her persecution is simply political and a travesty of justice. The Bush regime wants us all to shake in our boots. To shut our mouths. To stop marching. To stop educating the American public to the truth of the illegitimacy of the Bush regime as the election rigging, violent out-of-control torturing war criminals they really are.

The question that comes to mind now is, are you shaking in your boots? Will you lend power to the Bush regime to persecute the American left? How many people on the left will simplistically interpret the government's case against Lynne Stewart which required the government to take away Lynne Stewart's freedom of speech and attorney-client privilege in order to secure a conviction as the moronic statements I have already begun to see since the conviction across the web that "she crossed the line and therefore deserves her conviction."

This is exactly the kind of simplistic interpretation the Bush regime is counting on from the weaker elements on the left. They're counting on the weaklings to fold their tents and turn against Lynne Stewart and therefore turn against civil rights, free-speech and therefore attorney-client privilege.

If the Government can listen in on attorney client conversations the government can discover the very strategy of defense including the evidence and testimony the clients and attorneys intend to use therefore removing jurisprudence from the American system of justice.

If an attorney cannot tell the American public and for that matter the world what the opinion of their client happens to be on a matter without fear of prosecution then free speech in America is truly dead.

And in fact it should be the government itself that should be held to blame for Sheik's prolonged stay in America. Why did American officials all of sudden stop the process of deporting the Sheik prior to the first World Trade Center bombing? Why did the FBI official not to agree to pay the informant inside of the Sheik's organization who was proven right about the first World Trade Center bombing. What was it the FBI did not want anyone to find out about the Sheik prior to the first World Trade Center bombing.

The Lynne Stewart conviction should be overturned on all counts and the government should be forced to renumerate the terrible cost that it has exacted upon Lynne Stewart with the added punitive damages that the Bush regime is attempting to do away with along with the jurisprudence in the American system of justice that the American public has come to depend upon.

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