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All Out for April 16th, 2005! Washington DC A Better World is Under Construction No to the IMF and World Bank!

Were you at the first A16 demonstration against the IMF and World Bank in Washington, DC in 2000? Come back once again to challenge these illegitimate institutions and their plans for a world of unbridled greed! Did you miss out on the first mass protests against the IMF and World Bank? Now's your chance to be part of the second A16! The Mobilization for Global Justice is calling for all those interested in helping to construct a mass movement against neo-liberalism and the devastation it is wreaking on the world to converge on Washington, DC from April 15th-17th. Come help us celebrate the successes of our movement, which in the past five years has not only put these institutions on the defensive and on the run, but has begun construction of the new world that has for so long been in all our hearts.

For fliers to distribute in you community, logistical information, meeting times and updates e-mail mgj (at) or visit . GET INVOLVED! IT’S A BLAST!
Scenario Thus Far:

Grab yer hard hat everyone we’re a going protesting!

The theme of these years mobilization against the World Bank and IMF During their spring meetings is “A Better World is Under Construction!? and sure enough it is. Around the world each day people are in there own way embodying the struggle for justice and creating a better world. Not just through protesting in the streets. People are actively taking back there communities, jobs, environment and dignity from the thieving global capitalists.

April 15th: Serve a notice of eviction
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Gather at the G-7 Finance Ministers meeting, location TBA at Noon. Come wearing hard hats, with tools and banners.

Serve the Group of seven wealthiest countries (the G-7) their eviction notice. After a close inspect of the World Bank and IMF’s structural integrity the people will post a notice to all that the institutions will be demolished do to a lack of structural soundness and usefulness to the community within 24 hours.

April 16th: The Demolish Team Arrives……

*Converge at the World Bank and IMF, 18th and H Sts. NW at Noon. The people have served notice to the World Bank, IMF and wealthy elite. Their greed and destruction will not do. 24 hours since first posting the eviction notice we will demolish the institutions (symbolically of course). Come wearing and bearing the symbols of construction, build props, paint banners makes signs. MGJ will roll up with it big wrecking ball and we will all lay waste to these useless institutions!

*March to Dupont Circle with the music and puppets. Once in Dupont four construction zones will be set up in four themes, peace and true security, health care/housing/education, a clean environment, and direct democracy. Here participants can help in the construction of what represents these themes. We will present them to the community in an early evening reclaim the commons before a great benefit show!

April 17th: Let the Construction Begin!

Join with DC community organizers in a day of community service. Several special projects ranging from urban gardening to community recreations centers will be set up so we can all spend the day helping in the construction of a better Washington DC.

2005 Call to Action:

Call for a Mass Mobilization April 15-17th, 2005 During the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

The April 16, 2005 meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank will represent the five year anniversary of the first major demonstrations against these institutions in the United States. Again we will gather in the streets of D.C. on A16 to show that our resistance to these institutions and their greed only grows stronger. A16 will once more be the day we show that our dreams for a better world are not only possible, but under construction at this moment, in all corners of the globe- and the IMF and World Bank, with all their efforts to demolish these dreams and actions, can never stop us.

The World Bank claims to combat world poverty. The IMF claims to promote global economic stability. For the 60 years of their existence, they have done neither. The World Bank has poured billions into dams, mining, and other projects that have caused immense social and environmental destruction, displacing poor, often indigenous, people from their lands and livelihoods, and destroying fragile ecosystems. The IMF has destabilized the economies of countries like Korea, Thailand, and Argentina, creating mass unemployment. Together, the IMF and World Bank have trapped poor countries in a cycle of unpayable debt. To extract debt repayment from them, they have imposed conditions such as budget caps, user fees for health care, and privatization of water. These policies have impoverished billions. They have also corroded self-determination and corrupted political systems, making governments accountable to foreign creditors rather than their own people.

Instead of building the world that they have promised, the World Bank and IMF have plunged it into a global crisis that is now more urgent than ever. The number of people in abject poverty worldwide is at an all-time high, and more and more people lack access to water, healthcare, education and other basic services. The world is headed for environmental disaster, while World Bank fossil fuel projects account for half of world carbon dioxide emissions. The global AIDS epidemic is spreading - 7,000 people in Africa die of AIDS every day. And now it is quickly reaching crisis proportions in the Caribbean, India, Thailand, and Eastern Europe. According to the United Nations, 30,000 people worldwide die every day as a direct consequence of IMF and World Bank-imposed cuts in social services.

Over the 60 years of their existence, the IMF and World Bank have shown themselves to be utterly arrogant institutions which completely ignore people's voices worldwide and systematically enrich multinational corporate interests at the expense of nature and of the rest of humanity. It's time to demolish these institutions and build a better world.

Each day people around the world people are coming together to construct a better, more just world. Not only are they demonstrating in the streets, but they are actively reclaiming their communities. In South Africa, citizens too poor to afford the privatized water have dismantled water meters and learned plumbing to connect homes to water services. In Argentina unemployed workers are taking over the factories they used to work in and running them as a collectives. Facing the devastating effects of World Bank and IMF Structural Adjustment Policies, people throughout the Global South are working everyday to take back their rights to water, health, land, a clean environment, and self-determination. Five years after thousands of activists came to Washington DC in the first mass show in the U.S. of dissent and solidarity with the global struggle against the World Bank and IMF, the Mobilization for Global Justice is calling for people to come to Washington DC April 15-17th, 2005 to protest the institutions during their semi-annual spring meetings and to celebrate the other, more just world that is under construction due to the daily resistance of millions of people worldwide!

Mobilization for Global Justice’s Mission
The Mobilization for Global Justice is a Washington DC based group that works on issues of global economic and social justice and sustainability. We believe another world is possible and necessary. We envision a world free of corporate domination and crushing debt, particularly in communities of color. We act to expose and change the institutionalized violence wrought by international financial and trade institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization.

The Mobilization is committed to nonviolence and recognizes militarism as a tool used by the global corporate elite to keep money flowing to the privileged few while restricting the rights of people worldwide. We oppose corporate practice which places short-term profits ahead of human dignity, sustainable development and a healthy earth. We stand for the globalization of our rights to speech, thought, religion, assembly, a clean environment, self-determination, freedom from fear and persecution and freedom from poverty.

We stand for the rights of women, children, elderly, affordable health care, strong labor rights and social and economic policies that put people and the environment before profits. Finally, we are committed to linking the IMF and World Bank policies to similar ones that are being implemented in Washington DC which are resulting in decreased access to vital human services for DC's most needy residents. To that other globalization--the globalization of greed and obscene concentrations of wealth--we say that Another World Is Possible and Necessary.

MGJ is a non-hierarchical nonviolent organization of individuals and organizations that promotes the arts, conducts workshops, facilitates nonviolent direct actions, educates, organizes campaigns, empowers, and aims to rip injustice from its roots.

Demands of the Mobilization for Global Justice
We demand that the World Bank and International Monetary Fund:
• Open all World Bank and IMF meetings to the media and the public.
• Cancel all impoverished country debt to the World Bank and IMF, using the institutions' own resources.
• End all World Bank and IMF policies that hinder people's access to food, clean water, shelter, health care, education, and right to organize. (Such "structural adjustment" policies include user fees, privatization, and economic austerity programs.)
• Stop all World Bank support for socially and environmentally destructive projects such as oil, gas, and mining activities, and all support for projects such as dams that include forced relocation of people.
We furthermore demand that the United States government, the largest shareholder and most influential government in the World Bank and IMF, adopt the above demands, and work vigorously to compel the World Bank and IMF to implement them.
Agreed to by Consensus by the Mobilization for Global Justice 2001

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