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Instead of Crisis Hotline: WarmLine for Parents

The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (aTLC) announces the launch of the aTLC WarmLine: A Family Support Network.
Corrina McFarlane (WarmLine midwife)
(831) 477 1632 corrina (at)

On February 15, 2005, The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (aTLC) launched the aTLC WarmLine: A Family Support Network.

Never before has there been such a wealth of information on how to optimize the wellbeing of infants and children, yet every major indicator of children's health and wellbeing shows that many children are in crisis.

A recent survey in New Hampshire showed that warmlines reduced the use of crisis teams by 60%. Similarly, a Boston crisis team estimated that they could refer 75% of their callers to a warmline.

The aTLC WarmLine is staffed by mentors who respond to calls from parents and caregivers seeking support with parenting and related issues. Hopefully many parents will call in prior to their concern reaching crisis proportions.

aTLC recognizes that parents today face unprecedented challenges, isolation, economic stresses, loss of the extended family, and conflicting advice about how to parent. The goal of the Alliance is to advance the art and science of nurturing children through supporting parents in their desire to be the best parents they can be.

The Alliance was founded in 1999. Its first three years were devoted to the synthesizing of scientific research with ancient wisdom which led to the creation of the aTLC Proclamation and Blueprint. The Blueprint consists of evidence-linked Principles and Actions for promoting children's optimal growth and development.

The aTLC WarmLine is designed to give parents and caregivers easy access to the wealth of information and support available within the Alliance, through phone mentoring and teleclasses. The Warmline's debut of this pilot program will continue beyond the initial evaluation phase, developing into a comprehensive family support network as the numbers of participants grows.

Although the WarmLine is initially a self-funding, fee-for-service project, the intention is to raise funds to make the service available to anyone in need. Everyone who cares about the future wellbeing of children and families is encouraged to donate to this project. While the WarmLine is a national support service, accessible from anywhere within the US and Canada, the launching pad is here in Santa Cruz. This community has a track record of piloting innovative programs, especially in relation to children.

Potential callers are encouraged to visit prior to making an appointment, or call Corrina at 477 1632 (out of Santa Cruz area: 888-754-7580). Callers to the WarmLine appointment number, 800-460-6105, will be called back by an aTLC phone mentor.

For general interest and background, the main aTLC website at contains the Proclamation and Blueprint as well as links to over 80 Affiliates who are doing the work described in the Blueprint.

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