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Kidnappers Posed as Federal Agents

"David [Kluttz] said he wanted to show me what he had prepared for me. It was my grave," Labowitz testified.
...three defendants were armed when they posed as federal agents and entered Labowitz's home.
The abduction was reported by the Alexandia Gazette on February 17th. The mass media did not consider this to be National News.
Why should it?

Under the authority of the patriot act, over 700 american citizens have been detained. No one knows who they are, and they have no access to due process of law. Jose Padilla, an exceptional case, is still chained to a wall in a navy brig in South Carolina, where he has been illegally detained for more than 2 years.

In times of official repression, self-appointed vigilantees have become a real danger. Blacks were murdered during the Civil Rights struggle, American Indiana were terrorized when they formed the AIM in the manner. During the McCarthy era, society as a whole silently murdered suspected "reds" by detroying their reputations and denying them employment.These crimes were often committed while federal agents knowingly turned their backs or abetted the criminals.

Now imagine how you would feel if someone approached you, claiming to be a federal agent? How carefully would you scrutinize their credentials? The broad powers afforded by the Patriot act afford a frightening opportunity for crimes like the one reported above. Several cases have recently been prosecuted. In one instance, state troopers posed as FBI agents.Another was only apprehended because he had the bravado to attend a law enforcement seminar with real FBI agents.

What should we expect from our government? Does it make much difference if you get abducted by imposters or the genuine article?.

It is a sad commentary that under the Bush administration it has become frightfully difficult to tell the difference. And if you are abducted by imposters who will be prosecuted?

David Roknich



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