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Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

This is to alert you that Bruce Bratton, an ex-journalist fired from every position due to his inability to keep facts straight, is now resorting to homophobic "jokes" to attract his diminishing online readership, ending his current column with:

"They can get a man on the Moon but they cannot get a man on Martina Navratilova." -Roy Brown

PLEASE WRITE TO Bratton at bruce (at), and everyone else you know who might be concerned about this, and let them know that he is NOT welcome to support his failed career on the backs of either lesbians in specific or LGBTI people in general!

Yours in protest...

Lisa Travis

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Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Who is Lisa Travis? Why does Yahoo say her(?) profile was created on March 9th, 2005? Why would she be reading Bruce Bratton's weblog if she has such a low opinion of him? Why is it that the only other posts by her to Indy Media are anonymous posts (no email address) defending the Coast Hotel project in February?

Is it any coincidence that the only record of a "Lisa Travis" on the 'net in Santa Cruz is this "protest" against Bruce Bratton, a known friend of the community, and items defending the Santa Cruz Coast Hotel project?

Could this be an attempt to smear Bruce Bratton with a homophobic label and damage his credibility as an opponent of the Coast Hotel project? Seems likely to me!

Note that she implies that these are Bruce Bratton's own words by omitting the source of the quote: Roy Brown (a Clown/Comedian).

I agree that this is a stupid joke, not funny at all, and homophobic - but given who posted it, the reasonable response would be to write him a letter pointing this out, and asking him to apologize in the next column -- he also has a letter to the editor section too, which I'm sure he'd be more than willing to post such a note to.

Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

why do you involve your self in this/ are you that interested in keeping your thread going?

3 words- GET A LIFE

Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Real Santa Cruz Queer wrote: "Note that she implies that these are Bruce Bratton's own words by omitting the source of the quote: Roy Brown (a Clown/Comedian)."

The name Roy Brown is right there in my post, RSCQ.

Thanks for acknowledging that the joke is homophobic. Everyone in my household thought so too.

Yours in ongoing protest,

Lisa Travis

Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Indiemedia is so infested with trolls now that you can't believe anything anyone says here. They've even been caught impersonating known local personalities.

Re: Bratton's use of Brown's Joke

Perhaps I'm in too good of a mood today, but I chose to read the "offending" line as saying that Martina was strong and independent... that no man was going to dominate her.

Bratton's Not The Problem -- Think About It

I concur with Neanderthal. It is probably in poor taste to talk about "getting a man on" top of anyone, but this quote wouldn't be funny if it was simply a variation of "she's so gay that...." I interpreted the quote in the same way as Ne@nderthal: that, even though Navratolova is an aging athlete, she is in such great condtion that she has full control over her body...with the implication that she could kick any man's ass if she wanted to. In addition, the quote is not prominently displayed and grouped with other quotes at the bottom of the page. See for yourself at:

If Lisa is so concerned about hate speech, she should start with herself. Her comments about Bratton were downright nasty and untrue. Bratton is a valued member of this community. If Lisa doesn't have a hidden agenda here, I would think she would want to educate him rather than crucify him in public.

Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Thank you all for your comments. My household and I were shocked. If others aren't, that's cool. Diversity means difference.

Regarding the rest, my alleged "hidden agenda" is exactly as stated: to protest a homophobic joke.

And since the peron who posted it - Mr. Bratton - has a history of refusing to acknowledge, refusing to respond to, or do anything other than repeatedly publicly mock those who write to him privately - I posted my objection right here in public, just as he posted his "joke."

Lisa Travis

Maybe I have a thicker skin...

I dont see how the joke is automatically homophobic.

Its ABOUT homosexuality.

But it doesnt say anything about lesbians other than they don't care for sex with men. I don't think you could make much of a case about me being a homophobe either, since I have a gay son and am a past member of PFLAG.

But then I take a different view on other issues. I don't think that when someone does a skit and uses a foreign accent, that they are automatically racist for doing so.

People are getting too darn thin-skinned these days and the PC police are getting out of hand.

Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Didn't Martina Navratolva beat John McEnroe in a tennis match?

Anyone for Tennis?

Perhaps you're thinking of Bobby Riggs vs Billy Jean King.


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