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Limiting Dissent: The Mechanisms of Suppression in the United States (3/15)

UCSC Politics Department Colloquium series presents, Jules Boykoff, "Limiting Dissent: The Mechanisms of Suppression in the United States"

When: Tuesday, March 15th from 12:15 till 2pm
Where: Charles Merrill Lounge, UCSC
Jules Boykoff, an exciting social movement scholar, will be speaking on how the US state has worked systematically to suppress social movements in this country. Movements that will be covered include mid-century communists, the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, and the modern-day global justice movement. This event will be of particular interest to students of social movement, and U.S. History. Activists will also benefit from this presentation.

Jules Boykoff is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. His research interests include U.S. social movements, the suppression of dissent, and the politics of the mass media. His critical writing has appeared recently or is forthcoming in Global Environmental Change, Labor History, XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics, Tripwire, and the inaugural issue of Socialist Studies.

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