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Caterpillar in Plaid and Antiphon

Poerty from the PROJECT
March 2005
Caterpillar in Plaid
Nicole Landau

In the home
that is true
I feel so blue
and I do not understand the
changes in my hand.
Things seem different but so familiar.
I just want to cry
I feel so high.
The beauty I can’t describe
is what I put in rhyme
the world is all around me;
and then a moment
a sudden change
it’s blissful
The heavens above me
are more than looking
back at me
They comfort me
with their light
greens and blues
caterpillar look at you
With your divinity
I just want to scream
it should be everywhere
in me in you
in us
in this
the grass
the bliss
Trees. Bees
everything ees
for this and
bliss and all
that is.
The overcast
dream like light
not to bright
but not quite
it’s all right
The smell in me
is over powering me
my everything
Words will flow
because this
is what it is
This is what I’ve been
looking for.


Evan Bushwell

I was born in the struggle
as were we all.
And when the time comes, I'll make the heavens rain Fire.
I'll live to see the concrete torn up.

And when the bondsman's bounds are broken,
And we live plying the earth for our food,
You may find me again as Fire among you,
Calling, "To the mountains!"

And when we ring the mountaintops like stars,
When the air is thin and doesn't disturb breath.
I'll present the fish and burning anemone,
With words of mud and wine.

But I was also born in a pool of water,
rain drizzling on my head.
And I cry when I am separate,
And I smile when I am whole.

Each river begins as a single point in the sky.
Further downstream, rivers join, then flow away.
But the river does not forget, and neither do I;
Each river longs for its ocean.

I have a box where I keep my things.
Statuettes and rose petals,
Shells and feathers,
And a censor to catch the ashes.

I used to look at them during autumn rains,
But now I lay them all at her feet.
For each is brought to fulfillment,
With a nod of her head.

Red is not the color of the revolution.
The color of the revolution is Amethyst.

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