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Democracy: Choosing To Serve

Democracy: Choosing To Serve
by: Wolfi Landstreicher

The more participatory a social system is, the more total its control is because the individual identifies herself with his role within the system. In other words, a democratic structure is the most efficient way yet developed to integrate individuals into a social system, to make them feel that they are essentially a part of a social machine. Partial rebellions, in the form of "radical "issues, which use democratic methods or demand more justice, equality or participation in democratic processes become lubricant for the machinery of social control.

Those who rebel against the social context in its totality as they confront it in their lives are called hooligans, delinquents, enemies of ‚Äúthe People‚Ä?. They cannot be tolerated in a democratic system (not even the consensus process systems of certain so-called radical and anarchist groups) because their actions undermine the ideological basis of such systems, by showing that individual freedom grows out of self-determined activity, not any sort of decision-making process. Radical groups will merely expel such troublemakers, but within the larger social context, they must be punished, rehabilitated or destroyed if caught.

Democracy is never anarchic, no matter how direct. Democratic decisions are not the decisions/actions of free individuals. They are merely choices made between the options offered by the social context, choices separated from the actions of individuals and used to control those actions, to subject them to the will of the group, the society. So to choose to participate in democratic processes is to choose to serve, to be a slave to a will outside of oneself. No free-spirited individual would accept the will of the majority or the group consensus as a way of determining how to live anymore than she would accept the will of a dictator or the central committee. I do not merely a want a say in how society creates my life. I want my life to by my own to create as I desire.

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So the choice of the leftist is Democracy OR Anarchy?

In a state of anarchy, the individual has the most freedom. In a democracy, some freedoms can be declared and protected. But there are a lot of other forms of government or lack of government. There's tyrrany, theocracy, plutocracy, military dictatorships, and thuggocracy which is rulership by warlords and petty tyrants. In light of all those (and more) possibilities, democracy has a lot of merit.


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