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Feminist Radio Collective - Anarcha-feminism

Focus on histories and present formations of the intersection of anarchism and feminism, interview with Kate of the oral history project. Four segments, one half-hour each

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Re: Feminist Radio Collective - Anarcha-feminism

I would like to see a Humanist or a Gender Bias Free Radio Collective. Two wrongs do not make a right, and continuing the cycle of gender discrimination by promoting an exclusionary mindset does not help the cause of world peace. I am not weaker than any man and I do not need to be sheltered or protected by your feminist collective because I can hold my own against the boys thank you very much.

ps I am a woman saying this.

Two wrongs don't make a right

A feminist radio collective is a wrong, then? How? Have you listened to the show? Does it promote an "exclusionary mindset," in your opinion, through its content? Let's open up space on the airwaves currently occupied by Howard "well at least she's got a nice ass" Stern & Rush "Feminazi" Limbaugh. If you want to attack gender discrimination, there are plenty of targets out there. Just turn on your TV.

Let's be clear--the program archived above does not say that you are weaker than any man. It does not assume that you need to be sheltered or protected or presume to do so. It amplifies and disseminates the voices of womyn who are RARELY IF EVER heard on other radio stations, and even more rarely given control of their own voices and programs on said radio stations. It broadcasts ideas and opinions which are marginalized by the society we have inherited--one that is hateful and violent towards women who do not conform to molds developed by religion, government, and pop/mass culture and maintained by patriarchy.

I am very glad you can hold your own against the boys. If you'd like to see a Gender Bias Free Radio Collective, form one. I'll listen with an open mind, because in all honesty I'd love to see the day where *all* radio is gender-bias free. Until that day, I hope FRSC continues to broadcast the Feminist Radio Collective every Wednesday at 10 am until Democracy NOW!.

ps I am a feminist saying this.

Re: Feminist Radio Collective - Anarcha-feminism

Wow! What a great show today. I do 'The Labor news' for our local low power station KITR-LP in Kettle Falls Washington. I am also on the board of directors and the program commitee. May we put this program into our schedule om a regular basis?
glennwobblie (at)

Re: Feminist Radio Collective - Anarcha-feminism

Too much "separatist" programming. Bad mindset! How about, "We are one in the human race?"


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