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Morales Gains Credibility in Bolivia

Map of Bolivia indicates pipeline and travel routesIn October of 2003, Evo Morales led an uprising in Bolivia that ousted former president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada. In a vain effort to retain his position, Lozada had ordered his troops to shoot to kill. In spite of this, the US State Department assured Lozada of support in his "effort to restore order". More than 80 protesters died, and Lozada fled in disgrace to the US, where he has been in hiding since.
"We want to charge him with economic damages and crimes against humanity," Morales said. "We are soon going to see him in prison."
Morales may yet prevail, since the Bolivian congress has recently voted to put Lozada on trial
On October 14, 2004 the BBC reported:

"Congress voted overwhelmingly for him and 15 other members of his ousted cabinet to be put on trial. The vote was backed by members of his own party.
Congress debated the motion for 12 hours before 126 of the 140 members decided to summon Mr Sanchez de Lozada for trial.
...many Bolivians were angered at plans to export natural gas through Chile, a traditional enemy."
"Opposition parties and labour unions accused the president of authorising excessive force and a campaign of repression against his political rivals."

In February, the Bolivian congress formally charged Lozada with genocide.

The BBC reported:
The Bolivian Congress insisted he should be accused of genocide - a term usually reserved for the systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial or ethnic group.

The Attorney General's office now has six months to prepare its case against the former president before submitting it to the Supreme Court for consideration.

This is a rare instance where opression by US corporate interests has been opposed in an effective and timely manner by indigenous Americans.

The US corporate news media is complicit in providing COVER UP instead of COVERAGE.

The story has been reported by reputable sources including The Economist and the BBC. At least in this instance they are not under direct attack, like the many reporters from around the world who daily risk their lives as a result of the orders given by Donald Rumsfeld.

David Roknich



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