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Anti Military Recruitment psa

Special Anti Military Recruitment mix featuring Jello Biafras "Die for Oil sucker" spoken 1991 hear the erie comparision to todays Operation Quagmire in Iraq.
Download here:

Download Jello Bifra - Die For Oil here :

Dont be a sucker dont die for oil!

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Re: Anti Military Recruitment psa

These are not local news, they are cross-postings from other non-local media.

Re: Anti Military Recruitment psa

Well I heard it on Free Radio Santa Cruz, so it seems local to me. I certainly wouldn't want it to get tossed into some "otherpress" black hole...

Re: Anti Military Recruitment psa

BTW, it's really really good.

Did you make that, Bob?

the fine line between 'local' and 'elsewhere'newswires on sc-imc

given that this audio was created by Skidmark Bob and debuted during the UCSC counter-recruitment coverage on freak radio, i don't think marking the article as "local to the monterey bay area" is too big a stretch.


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