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Interview by Robert Norse of Ann Fagan Ginger, (4/7) and (4/10) on 101.1FM Freak Radio

Interview by Robert Norse of Ann Fagan Ginger, TONIGHT, Thursday, April 7, 6:45 pm and again Sunday a.m. April 10, on 101.1FM Freak Radio(RadioFreeSantaCruz)

Challenging U.S. Human Rights Violations Since
9/11 will be a central topic of this evening's interview by Robert Norse with attorney and human rights activist, Ann Fagan Ginger, founder and Executive Director of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute in Berkeley.
Listeners who want to participate in this evening's discussion, as well as during Sunday's continued interview with Ginger, can go online and send in their questions or comments to be read on the air. Go to or
www. Those who are outside the signal area for RadioFreeSantaCruz 101.1FM can still hear the show streamed live on one or both of the above sites. Archive site is at

Professor Ginger spoke at the United Nations Center in New York City last Thursday night, at Stanford University last night, and will speak at the Vets' Hall in Santa Cruz on Friday, April 15 at 8:00pm.

Besides this evening's interview, Norse will continue the interview with Ginger on Sunday morning, April 10, sometime between 9:am and 1:pm. Watch this site for times on Sunday when Ann Ginger will be on the air. And tune in tonight at 6:45pm to 101.1FM!

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Ann Fagan Ginger Back on Sunday on Free Radio

Ann Fagan Ginger will return to Free Radio (101.1 FM and/or Sunday April 10th at 9:40 a.m. She will be discussing the new book she has edited Challenging Human Rights Violations Since 9/11.

If you want to ask Ginger a question while she's on the air, log on to the chatroom at . If you have a question before airtime, you can leave it verbally at 831-423-4833. If you want to comment after her interview, you can do so by calling the studio line at 841-427-3772.

The Sunday interview (as well as the Thursday April 7th one) will be archived at under "Bathrobespierre's Broadsides". Download the show of the appropriate date.

Ginger's April 7th interview is about 2/5 of the way into the 4-7 show. Her April 10th interview should be at the beginning of 4-10 show.

I will be requesting the library stock a copy of her most recent book, Challenging Human Rights Violations Since 9/11.

A Preview of Ginger's Book

Those who want to brief themselves on Ann Fagan Ginger's "Challenging U.S. Human Rights Violations Since 9/11" can go to the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute website (Ginger helped found the Institute half a century ago).

The table of contents for the book can be found at .

As an appetizer, here's the first part of the table of contents:

Table of Contents

I. The Mobilization Of Shame

A. After September 11th
1. Connecting The Dots
2. Sending A Message

B. The Mobilization Of Shame
1. Why Not Just Hire A Lawyer To Sue
2. A Word Of Caution
3. A Word Of Hope
4. What Court Has Power To Enforce Its Decisions?

C. Goals Of This Book

D. Outline Of This Book

E. The Ultimate Purpose Of This Book

F. Actions After 9/11: A Brief Startling Summary

G. What Has Clearly Been Missing In U.S. Government Actions After 9/11

H. What Is The Real Score In The "War On Terrorism"?

I. Meiklejohn Institute'S Qualifications To Make This Report

II. Where The People And Their Lawyers Can Go To Redress Grievances

A. U.S. Office Of Inspector General
1. Scandals Lead To Inspector Generals
2. A Recent Oig Report On Immigration Service Misconduct
3. Complaints That Can Be Filed With OIGS
A Note of Caution
Steps To Take
Bumps In The Road
Groups Can Act In Cities, Counties, States, And In Washington

B. U.S. Federal Courts
1. Defending Detainees, Deportees, Arrestees
2. Defending Attorney Lynne Stewart Affirmatively
3. Filing Affirmative Suits Against Bush, Ashcroft, Immigration Service, Fbi, Cia

C. State Courts
1. Demanding Justice Before Trial
2. Using Un Charter, Human Rights Treaties

III. What The Government Is Committed & Required To Do In The UN And OAS

A. The Mobilization Of Shame, Again

B. Periodic Reporting To Enforce Human Rights

C. Reporting To United Nations Committees
1. Why Making A Report Matters
2. The First National Report
3. U.S. Government Record On Reporting
4. Budgeting Costs Of Reporting
5. State Department Stance On Reporting In 2004
6. The Second National Report Must Include State Reports
7. Nongovernmental Organizations Can Submit Reports

D. Reporting To Organization Of American States
1. Inter-American Human Rights Commission
2. Letter To Pres. Bush
3. Letter To U.S. NGOS

IV. Report On Human Rights Violations
Duty To Make This Report for Use in OIG Complaints, Litigation, & Reports to UN Committees
Categories of Rights and Duties
Sources for This Report

A. Basic Rights Of All Peoples Under U.S. Jurisdiction
1. Right Not To Be Killed Or Disappeared
1.1 Asylum Applicant Deported, then Killed
1.2 N.Y.C. Police Kill Immigrant from Burkina Fasso
1.3 N.Y.C. Police Raid Kills Civil Servant
1.4 Cincinnati Police Beat African American Man to Death
1.5 Gunmen Shot Sikh and Muslim Americans
1.6 County Sheriffs Investigate Deaths at Arizona Border
1.7 Police Murders in U.S. Virgin Islands
1.8 Cluster Bombs Kill after Invasion of Afghanistan Ended
1.9 Deadly U.S. Attack on Afghan Wedding
1.10 Afghan Prisoners Die after U.S. Military Interrogation
1.11 U.S. Troops Charged with Massacre of Afghan Prisoners
1.12 After Iraq Invasion, U.S. Soldiers Kill Unarmed Iraqi
1.13 U.S. Sergeant Reported Killing of Iraqi Prisoner at Abu Ghraib

2. Right Not To Be Tortured
2.1 Detention Center Guards Beat Ivory Coast Pilot
2.2 INS Dentist Tortured Palestinian Canadian
2.3 INS & FBI Agents Tortured Legal Immigrant from Egypt
2.4 Guards Tortured Saudi-Arabian Student
2.5 Palestinian Immigrant Died in FBI Custody
2.6 Deportees Sue Attorney General and FBI
2.7 U.S. Soldiers Rape U.S. Servicewomen and Are Not Punished
2.8 U.S. Military Tortured Prisoners at Guantanamo
2.9 U.S. Troops "Bagged" Prisoners
2.10 U.S. Troops Torture then Kill Afghan Prisoners
2.11 U.S. Troops Used Napalm in Iraq
2.12 U.S. Troops Tortured Iraqis after Invasion
2.13 U.S. Guards at Abu Ghraib Tortured Prisoners
2.14 Abu Ghraib Prisoners Sued U.S. Corporations for Torture, Alleging U.S. Collaboration
2.15 State Prison Guards in U.S. Tortured Prisoners, Then Were Sent to Iraq
2.16 U.S. Government Refuses to Close School that Teaches Torture
2.17 Federal Jury Awards Damages for Murder in Chile

...and much more Check it out at


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