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Youthtopia to air "Sexcapades" sex ed. game show on KUSP

After all the hype about abstinence-only education, here is an hour of sex ed. you only wish your school had provided, and it's all done by local youth.
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Santa Cruz, CA:

Youthtopia presents “The Sexcapades� Game Show

On April 24th at 7pm, KUSP(88.9FM) will present a special one-hour live game show called “The Sexcapades� as part of its “Youthtopia� teen radio series. The show, modeled after programs like “Jeopardy�, is designed to test teen’s knowledge of anatomy, birth control, puberty, and other teen health topics. Teams of young in-studio contestants will face off against teams of callers, trying to answer questions as simple as “Can you get pregnant your first time?� to questions such as “What is the effectiveness rate of a condom?� There will be prizes for the most and least informed. Brianna Eardley of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte will be giving the correct answers. The show will be hosted by local teens. Teens can participate by calling the station at (831)476-2800 during the program. The program promises to be bold, funny, and educational. On May 22nd, the show will be devoted to a debate about abstinence-only v.s. comprehensive sex education.
The series is part of a multi-media collaboration between KUSP-FM, Population Services International of Watsonville, and Community Television of Santa Cruz County. The goal of the project is to raise awareness about issues facing teens in our community and to train a new generation of young journalists. Each show is produced and hosted by youth from the community. Past shows have covered topics from sex education to academic pressure, and from gang violence to body image.
Youthtopia received a grant from the Benton Foundation’s “Sound Partners for Community Health� which will result in live radio shows, televised forums, and public discussions about teen issues effecting our community. The show is also supported by a grant from the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. Youthtopia’s founder and Project Director is Rachel Anne Goodman.

KUSP-FM, 203 8th Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831)476-2800

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