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Statewide Day Of Action April 20th

Demand It!

Statewide day of action April 20th

Converge at noon
@ the base of campus
march downtown for a 2nd RALLY at the
County Building [corner of Ocean and Water]
Students all over California are walking out of class, marching and participating in direct action on April 20th, a day of action to tell Schwarzenegger and his puppets in the UC administration that we will continue to build our resistance until our demands are met!

- No more budget cuts/fee hikes in Higher ed!

- fully fund Prop 98 (funding for K-14)!

- More aid to all college and university students!

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Tent University

From April 18-22, hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and Santa Cruz community members will gather at the base of UC Santa Cruz to form a giant tent city and alternative university, symbolizing the displacement of higher education in our state. The initial reason for our gathering is the unjust budget priorities that manifest at our campus, including massive student fee increases and unlivable wages for campus workers. UCSC faculty will lead their classes there, rather than in their classrooms; representatives of various community organizations and movements will hold teach-ins and workshops; and students will teach their own classes on a wide variety of subjects.

Tent U will be both a powerful form of resistance to the direction of the UC system and an opportunity to create the world we wish to see. It will also be an extremely fun, festive space, including art, music, and cultural expression of all kinds. Please join hundreds of your classmates and fellow community members for this historic community extravaganza!

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