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Sam Farr, Rep. for Santa Cruz County, has just confirmed his opposition to the Central American Free Trade Aggrement.
The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), would extend NAFTA type "free" trade to the Central American nations of Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. CAFTA goes further in legislating methods for international corporations to undermine national soverignty and democracy. It also encourages human rights abuses thought promotion of sweatshop conditions; it will extend poverty throughout the region due to susidized US agricultural imports that will drive small farmers off that land; and finally CAFTA only pays lip service to environmental pollution and creates no meaningful way of stopping environmental damage. To learn more please visit

Because of mounting pressure of the Global Week of Action against CAFTA, Sam Farr, the representative to the house from Santa Cruz county has come out against CAFTA! CAFTA will most likely be voted on this May, unless its supporters cannot find enough votes to pass it. Currently they are 20-25 votes short because Republican Reps from textile and sugar beet districts are refusing to vote for CAFTA due to constituent opposition. The Republicans are looking toward Democrats for the votes they need. It is imperative that you call or write your representative and tell them that you oppose CAFTA (there are a few local names and numbers at end of article, or go to Also tell your friends and family about the abhorent trade agreement.

There already exists a trade agreement between the US and Central America, the Carribbean Basin Agreement. It decreases and eliminates tarriffs on some products, without directly attacking human rights, mandating widespread privitization and allowing for poverty in order for a few rich corporations to gorw slightly fatter.

Comercio Justo is hosting an anti-CAFTA rally Friday April 15th at UCSC in front of the Baytree Bookstore. All are welcome to come hear speakers explain more about the event. Also phones, post-cards and template scripts and letters will be avaliable for you to call your congress members and tell them your opinion. Let's recalim our voice in the democratic process and resist CAFTA!

To learn more about the issues, Comercio Justo is also giving a CAFTA Teach-In at Noon on Thursday April 21st at Tent University, Santa Cruz, at the base of Campus (High and Bay).

Reprentatives to Call:
Mike Honda (dist. 15) Campbell and part of Santa Cruz County
District Office # (408) 558-8085
DC Office # (202) 225-2631

Zoe Lofgren (dist. 16) San Jose
Dist Office 3 (408) 271-8700
DC # (202) 225-3072

Anna Eshoo (dist 14) Palo Alto
Dist # (650) 323- 2984
DC # (202) 225- 8104

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