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Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

April 18, 2005
10:20 p.m.

University of Calfornia Santa Cruz, Main Entrance

After collectively deciding to stay put at the field near the main entrance to the campus, participants of Tent University encountered police officers who arrived on the scene at approximately 8:50 p.m.

By 10:20, police had arrested approximately 15 participants who were practicing a nonviolent sit-in; police used aggressive compliance techniques against them. At least 50 other participants remain in the sit-in and many more supporters remain at the site as well.

One nonviolent observer was pulled from the crowd by the cops and arrested.

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Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

tent city santa cruz,
the actions that were perpetrated by the police are not only absurd and violent but also illegal and inexcusable. to participate in a non-violent, civil disobedience act is not only legal, but a right of the people of tsu santa cruz. this is your school, and your money pays for the property and grounds that the administration has fascistly and inappropriately taken control over. stay strong and we will continue to send support and help as we can
much revolution.
amanda t.
tent state rutgers univ. organizer

Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops


I drove by and stopped for a while at approximately 11PM and there was not a single police officer there...

Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

The main tent was filled with arrested kids, the tent was surrounded by police in riot gear, and surrounding them were at least 500 students. You might have noticed the 20 police cars parked up bay street. If you didn't see any of that, you must have been at a different university tonight.

Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

Sounds like propaganda to me. It sounds like this is coming from the Rush Limbaugh’s of the left. Yes, both the left and the right have their propagandists.

Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

So...if the gripe is with UC Regents, why not take Tent U up to Oakland and camp there? At least they'll hear your message...Santa Cruz is kind of far away. Better yet, how about Sacramento so Arnie gets the message too.

Re: Tent University Santa Cruz Raided By Cops

Has tent village done any thing productive? Has tent village helped solve any problems? I understand that it has raised awareness with the community, but will it make a difference? Is living and learning in a tent the most efficient way to solve global and local problems? You have my attention, but not for long. Passion should be the fuel to power the brain, not to cloud it.


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