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Phone-jam the UC Regents

Telephone harassment has proven successful in many US campaigns. We have the phone numbers for those in power, we can make them feel uncomfortable.
If even just several hundred of you called these numbers two times a day, we could see a noticeable change in the regents' stance on Tent University. Tell them what you think of the arrests, the rights to peaceful assembly and anything else relevant to TUSC. Don't be afraid, it's not against the law to make a single call. If we all did this once, we might see a difference. THIS HAS WORKED BEFORE! Do it tonite!

Jodi L. Anderson: (310) 206-4416
Richard C. Blum (510) 987-9220
Judith L. Hopkinson (510) 987-9220
Odessa Johnson (209) 521-0887
Joanne Corday Kozberg (310) 843-9600
Sherry Lansing (310) 788-0057
David S. Lee (408) 694-9528
Monica Lozano (213) 896-2153
George M. Marcus (650) 494-1400
John J. Moores (858) 259-2500
Gerald L. Parsky (310) 551-0101
Norman J. Pattiz (310) 840-4201
Peter Preuss (858) 454-0200
Frederick Ruiz (800) 477-6474
Tom Sayles (619) 696-4614
Paul Wachter (310) 392-7607

Jean Marie Scott: Associate Vice Chancellor, College and University Housing: Office 831-459-1224

Gayle Height: Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs: Office: 831-459-3456 Cell: 831-212-0053

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