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Liz Irwin - You're in Big Trouble! (re: Tent U)

UCSC Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications lies to the media about police brutality at Tent University.
This is a copy of the email that has already been sent to Liz Irwin (emirwin (at)

Hi Elizabeth,

My name is Max Glick and I am an undergraduate student at UCSC. I am writing to inform you that your name will be included with a press release and flyers that will be posted throughout campus and the community tomorrow, Wednesday April 20. You were quoted giving the following statement to the KSBW news crew:

"'No, no, there were no batons, there were no Tasers. Someone said there was a Taser (gun) used. No, there was no force of that sort,' UC Santa Cruz spokeswoman Elizabeth Irwin said."

I was personally batoned by a cop in my stomach as were several other students. There are pictures of our bruises to prove it. We were not participating in the civil disobedience in the tent. We were peaceful bystanders who happened to be standing in the path of riot police. They did not ask us to move, they simply started attacking students with batons. We have documented these attacks with several photos and videos and everything will be online within the next 24 hours.

I would like to give you the chance to retract your statement before we go live with the press release and flyers at 3 pm tomorrow, Wednesday April 20. In the press release, we will be stating that your lies and those of the rest of the administration concerning the events of Monday are absolutely reprehensible and that students will not allow this University to attempt to shove things under the rug and pretend like this was a minor incident. What happened on Monday was absolutely inexcusable - excessive force by the police inflicted upon a group of students who were not a threat to others. We are also demanding an apology from the administration and the UCSC police concerning the police brutality. The people responsible for these actions need to be held accountable. I will take a failure to reply to this email as an indication that you have approved us going public stating that you lied to the media while representing the UCSC Administration.

Max Glick

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Re: Liz Irwin - You're in Big Trouble! (re: Tent U)

I saw UC police use their batons to forcefully jab, swing at and push people on Monday night.

To no surprise, the police also tried to prevent INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS from documenting police brutality. I had the obvious undercover police videographer (as seen on 4/14/05) shine his flashlight directley on my camera (and my face for his documentation purposes...), I had police push my camera (as opposed to me...) while i tried to take a photograph and police moved their legs to try and prevent me from documenting the abuses carried out while people were sitting or tackled on the ground. I saw police use these tactics against lots of people, especially INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS.

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Re: Liz Irwin - You're in Big Trouble! (re: Tent U)

Note that something like 2 of the people arrested weren't students. The rest were. Trespassing my ass.

"Disorderly?" They were sitting down quietly locking arms. Dissent about budgeting IS productive. Its a public institution, we have a RIGHT.

NBC Lies

they will not tell our story, they will lie


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