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Footage of police arrests at TUSC - Solidarity from TSU Rutgers in New Jersey

Cross post this as many places as you can, and if anyone has their hands on any other footage please add a comment.
Right now this is hosted on the UCSC servers at:

Video: To Protect and Serve For Broadband (43MB) or For Modem (5MB)

Alternate Links for "To Protect and Serve": Contact: Amanda Troeder
(973) 951-2299


Response to police brutality at University of California-Santa Cruz, supporting students’ freedom of speech and basic human rights.

New Brunswick, NJ April 19, 2005

On Monday April 18, 2005, at the University of California-Santa Cruz, the city police engaged in a brutal suppression of students’ right to assemble, their freedom of speech, and their basic human rights. University of California-Santa Cruz students had organized Tent University Santa Cruz, a week long encampment in coordination with the Tent State Universities at University of Missouri-Kansas City and Rutgers University-New Brunswick, to support the full funding of higher education and oppose the Iraq War. As UCSC students peacefully set up tents on their own campus for the night police rioted, violently dispersing several hundred campers, arresting near twenty, and injuring dozens. These injuries included but were not limited to bruises, dislocated shoulders and one student who had been attacked so severely he was rendered unconscious. Tent State University of New Brunswick, NJ, condemns the barbaric and authoritarian disregard for the health, safety, and well-being of UCSC students and calls for the immediate recognition of the rights of UCSC students as well as a halt to any and all oppressive actions of the University and city administrators and police. We stand in coast-to-coast solidarity with our brothers and sisters at Tent University-Santa Cruz.

Contact: Amanda Troeder
(973) 951-2299

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Re: Footage of police arrests at TUSC - Solidarity from TSU Rutgers in New Jersey

Why would the officers need guns for a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration? Is that in accord with the make war to make peace doctrine that the Bush administration believes in?

Documentation of Gun Charge?

Adnil: Can you document this so-called charge with "attempting to take their guns"? As a reporter on the scene, there was blockading of the police, but no "charging" of the sort you speak of. What's your source? Did you see it? Did you speak to someone who saw it? More specifics, please.


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