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Santa Cruz Film Festival May 5-13

Santa Cruz, CA - The Santa Cruz Film Festival IV “International Cine� May 5-13 is overjoyed to announce its festival line-up for 2005 online at www.santacruzfilmfestival. Awards of this culturally diverse festival will honor the accessible to the avant-garde in film. Each film submitted to the Santa Cruz Film Festival is eligible to win an award in one of nine categories; Best of the Fest Feature, Best of the Fest Documentary, Best Short Subject Narrative, Best Short Subject Documentary, Best Animated Film, Best Experimental/Avant-Garde Film, Best Student Film, Best Youth Produced Film ( under 18 years of age).
This year SCFF will have special awards. They will be announced throughout the fest. The Santa Cruz Independent Feature Award, Santa Cruz Director's Prize, SC Newcomer Award, Festival Director's award

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phone at 831.459.7676,
by email at jane (at),
or by mail at
Santa Cruz Film Festival,
312 Seabright Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062, USA.

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Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Thursday, May 5

Thursday, May 5

Del Mar Theater

3:00 PM - WHAT IN THE WORLD? (Del Mar Theater)
Animation experimental/avant-garde for hardcore film lovers

ROWING - Anna Abrahams Jan Frederik Groot 1 min The Netherlands
A b&w ride down the canals of Holland

THE SECOND MEMORY - Bea De Visser 12 min Czech/German
An extremely intense and abstract look at an old woman’s memories and thoughts on her past.

FRIENDS LIKE THESE - Corey Giann Antonio 4min
Mac hears things. Are these outside voices or his own?

SAMUEL DE MANGO - Everett R. Aponte Charles Sweatt Puerto Rico
20 min
One of the most unique films of this past year. “When you are ready to give up, listen to The Mango.�

FOR A MIRACLE - Jarek Sztandera 18 min Poland
A slice of life from Poland. A train full of seekers travels by train to see the Pope in Roma.

NEPTUNE’S RELEASE - Jacalyn White and Joell Hallowell 16 min
Sound bites and film clips in a non-narrative stream-of-consciousness form make up this classic experimental film.

A transition of sorts from real life into the world of animation.

PAST WHISPERS - Brett Rutland 8.5 min
Past Whispers follows the adventures of three siblings who open a portal into a world of magical skies and menacing landscapes.

HANDSHAKE - Patrick Smith 4.5 min
The entanglements of a relationship are visually illustrated as a love affair starts with a simple handshake, but develops as a human taffy machine.

THE ROCK THROWER - George M. Dondero 9:30
An animated short about a thick-headed fool who likes to shatter windows with big rocks. The Rock Thrower is a modern day fable made to entertain us all about the consequences of being mischievous.

UP - Suruchi Pahwat Hardeep K. 8:10min
The road to success is uphill, and achieving it has its pitfalls. Such is the message of this clever, humorous and touching computer animated short.

5:30 PM - A benefit for Sri Lanka (Del Mar Theater)
A portion of this screening proceeds to benefit the International Buddhist Cultural Social Foundation Kandy, S.L.

SULANG KIRILLI (THE WIND BIRD) - Inoka Sathyangani 120 min Sri Lanka
Rathie is a young girl from a remote village, working in a suburban garment factory. She befriends a young soldier and falls in love. One day Rathie realizes she is with child. Grappling with this unexpected new realization, she gets carried away into a world of her own. While she immerses herself quite happily in this elusive world, she jerks herself out of dreams when she finds out her lover is a married man.
Her world then starts drifting between the two extremes of her dreams and reality. A young girl condemned by society: is the dream world her only retreat? While the civil society decries “Illegitimates� and the criminal law prohibits “abortions�, an unmarried woman caught in this dilemma cries the last plea for her unborn child!
A cinematic voyage of two hours between dreams and reality permits the audience to realize the difference between awakening life through dreams and pushing life to sleep within reality.

In ancient history, Sri Lanka was considered “Pearl of the Indian Ocean�, but 20 years of ethnic war has now turned Sri Lanka into the “Tear-drop of the Indian Ocean�.
Winner of Dhaka International Film Festival, International Critics Award (FIPRESI Award), Tamil Nadu International Film Festival, and Zanzibar International Film Festival among a host of other festivals.

“I have been trying to screen this film for 2 years. NOW is the time�. J.S.

Buddhist Monk Incumbent Sri Dhammarama Mawatha writes, “The aftermath and devastation caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami which pummeled the littoral areas of this country on the 26th of December, 2004, is so immense that a small country like Sri Lanka cannot cope. The death toll has risen to more than 35,800 as recorded by now. (written on Dec 24 ’04) The number of dead bodies recovered from the debris is still increasing. The tsunami’s giant tidal waves decimated the entire coastline from Donora to Point Pedro, destroying almost all the vessels and fishing boats and millions of dwellings, houses, and buildings. The assets earned during a lifetime have been washed away within a few minutes. This catastrophe and calamity rendered millions of people homeless at a time when they were never expecting a disaster of this magnitude. The value of the lost lives and assets, however, cannot be fathomed. The government of Sri Lanka, as well as the social service organization and the international community, have taken steps to attend the millions of affected families by providing first aid and transport to the wounded. We, along with our social service organization, are engaged in emergency activities 24 hours a day. The immediate need is to provide assistance for relief to the affected with food, clothes, medicine, sanitary ware and building materials.�

The donors can assist with financial contributions by submitting money to the account NO (BSAMLKLX) 60002496 at Sampath bank Kandy in the name of International Buddhist Cultural Social Foundation.

Material may be sent to our relief center established at the International Buddhist Cultural Social Foundation Sri Maha Bodhi Maha Viharaya, Sri Dhammarama Mawatha, Bahirawa Kanda, Kandy, Sri Lanka,

BLESSING - Suju Vijayan 13 min
BLESSING tells the story of a young woman, Maya, who comes home for her brother Neal's, high school graduation and is forced to deal with their often overwhelming, sometimes embarrassing mother, Asha.
BLESSING takes place in an Indian American home in Southern California, and the characters and events are definitely influenced by Indian American culture, but the film is ultimately about a mother-daughter relationship that could—and does—exist in families of diverse backgrounds all over the world.

The Santa Cruz Film Festival Opening Night Gala - 8:00 PM

Sponsored by Santa Cruz Community Bank

The Real Dirt on Farmer John - Taggart Siegel
The Real Dirt on Farmer John is a beautiful documentary about John Peterson, a uniquely talented Illinois farmer whose individuality speaks volumes about living “The American Dream� outside of the box. This powerful film captures the rise and fall of the Peterson family farm and its resurrection through John's courageous fight to establish a new form of community. Painted as an outsider, John transcends conventional farming methods and overcomes local prejudice to build an organic farm and a progressive farm community. This modern-day Horatio Alger story pits individual resolve, freedom of expression, and innovative land use against the isolating nature of farming communities and the perils of corporate agriculture.

FREAKS LIKE ME - Director David Holbrooke 18 min
Our fav, David Holbrooke returns with another gem. FLM is a compelling film shot in Barcelona where a forum of world spiritual leaders gathered in the summer of ’04. Interviews with swamis, imams, monks, yogis, rabbis, priests, and other earthly wanderers all express their individual and sometimes collective philosophies.

Directors in attendance and Farmer John Peterson

Director’s dinner sponsored by Gabriella’s Restaurant
910 Cedar

9:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Opening Night Party @ Museum of Art + History (MAH)
Pass holders and ticket holders only.

The Jazz A Quartet
The Jazz A Quartet was founded in the spring of 2003, has developed a devoted following of lovers of Mid-Century Songbook. Both the familiar and the relatively rare classics from the golden age of songwriting take on an intimate transparency when performed by this chamber-sized ensemble. When performed by the classic combination of voice, brass and strings, the popular song of the 1940s reveals its most intimate blossom: the limber, plaintive art song within.

The Jazz A Quartet is comprised of vocalist Frank Garcia, cornetist John Stenovich, guitarist Brian Quinn and bassist Nancy Cassel.

Interlude by Suco!!! Brazilian drumming and dancing.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Friday, May 6

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Friday, May 6

Del Mar Theater

3:00 PM (Del Mar Theater)

AMERICAN BELLYDANCER - Jon Brandeis 88 min
American Bellydancer is the first feature documentary on the art and practice of bellydance in the USA. The historical perspectives are touched upon, but the focus is bellydance today. The male-female divide, the East-West dichotomy since Sept. 11, and the controversy surrounding the birth of the world’s first professional belly dance troupe, the Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses, are woven together amid interviews and performances featuring America’s icons of bellydance. Though it may come as a surprise to many, there are more bellydancers in the USA than in the rest of the world put together. This fact, plus the current wave of suppression in the Middle East, has made American bellydance the center of the art today. Morocco, Tamalyn Dallal, Philidas, Tiffany Hanan, Rachel Galob Ortego, and the outspoken Suhaila are featured, the latter taking on producer Miles Copeland and giving him an earful.
The Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses’ formation, along with performances in Bali and on the US Lollapalooza festival tour, provide a backdrop and storyline.
Anyone interested in bellydance or the workings of the entertainment business will find this film fascinating, informative, thought-provoking, and most of all, entertaining.

5:15 PM (Del Mar Theater)

DANCES OF ECSTASY - Michelle Maher + Nicole Ma 58 min Australia
Sponsored by Zamzam Sufi Books
Dances of Ecstasy is a sensory journey into the mesmerizing world of trance and ecstasy that binds dancers from Manhattan to Morocco. Filmmakers Michelle Maher & Nicole Ma traveled to traditional and modern day rituals to discover what is the altered state experience that people seek through dance. In these rituals, Whirling Dervishes from Turkey, Orisha priestesses from Nigeria and Brazil, shaman healers from the Kalahari and Korea, and dancers in the Gabrielle Roth workshop in NY pulse to the same beat as thousands of young people as an all night techno dance party in an Australian forest.

7:00 PM - OUT IN THIS WORLD (Del Mar Theater)
Sponsored by Bugaboo Mountain Sports, Pacific Edge
Jo Lynne and Fred Jones

HIGH AMBITIONS - Curt Dowdy 57 min
In the rarified air and extreme climate of the world’s highest mountains, often the most important decision a climber may make is turning back. Sacrificing a hard-fought objective is emotionally painful, but making that decision saved John Taske’s life on Mount Everest in 1996 (Jon Kakauer’s spine-tingling book “Into Thin Air�).
Curt Dowdy’s High Ambitions follows John’s return to the unforgiving Himalayan environment with new teammates. Their expedition attempts another mountain in the Everest region named Cho Oyo (27,000 ft.) This documentary shares each climber’s unfolding experience and reflections upon oxygen deprivation, extreme cold, and brushes with tragedy. The climbers, sometimes impassioned and sometimes humbled, discover new personal insights as they quest for one of the world’s highest summits.

MILES ABOVE - Mike Welt 25:46
On February 1, 2003, the shuttle Columbia crashed from the sky. Thousands watched as debris scattered from California to western Louisiana. Hundreds caught the event on tape.
Miles Above tells the story of the final 25 minutes of the Colombia reentry, using firsthand video from the ground, the NASA control room, and the shuttle itself. The film combines personal stories of witnesses with live video of events as they unfolded. Not to be missed.

After the screening party at Vet’s Hall 846 Front St.
Irina Mikhailova’s haunting vocals are featured in Curt Dowdy’s film High Ambitions.


GRAVES END - James Marlowe 89 min
Some dark secrets won’t stay buried forever. Shot in the mountains of Santa Cruz, where a more than a few weird things have actually happened! “Graves End� is the kind of film that could have been very dark, humorless, sterile, and deeply disturbing. Instead this pulpish, edgy, fun, moody, convoluted, complex, campy, and shocking film is a romp in the thriller/horror genre. As James Marlow states: “…with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I used humor to break tension and segue us from one scene to another. The film needed a balance and humor is an excellent equalizer.� “Graves End� is the only film to screen twice during fest-DON’T MISS IT!!!

Brock Buttman reports to you live as the Flesh Eating Ghouls From Outer Space assault the earth. Mankind is doomed to be consumed and our only saviour may be the military, Twinkies, and a little girl who is so adorable she will have you singing in the park at midnight. Will the Ghouls conquer earth? Is it just a cheap hoax, or perhaps a government cover-up to raise gas prices? More news at 11; now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

Director’s dinner sponsored by Clouds
110 Church St.
429. 2000

9:30 PM - 1:00 AM
SCFF International Cine presents LUMIN (Vet's Hall)
Vet’s Hall 846 Front St.
$15.00 general public; free to pass holders
Sponsored by Zamzam Sufi Bookshop

Irina Mikhailova’s hauntingly beautiful vocals are featured in Curt Dowdy’s film High Ambitions

LUMIN formed in 1998 by Stellamara co-founder and producer Jeffery Stott, Irina Mikhailova (hailing from the Ukraine), and Michael Emanu. Lumin expands and defines the elements of world electronic music. Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Irina Mikhailova, Lumin brilliantly fuses the ancient and the modern. A stunning live combination of traditional instrumentation of the Middle East, drum and bass, Balkan Choir, and down-tempo grooves that will satisfy the urban club set as well as the world music aficionado.

Santa Cruz’s own and DJs Little John and Brother scheduled to close the night’s festivities.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Saturday May 7

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Saturday, May 7


9:00 AM

The Attic
952 Pacific Ave.

The Santa Cruz Film Festival and Cinemasports (the Iron Chef of Filmmaking) are giving YOU (filmmakers / actors) a chance to screen your film at the Fest this year! Filmmaking teams have 10 hours to complete a movie with a list of "ingredients" given at 9AM and will screen YOUR 3 minute film that evening. Screening of finished movies starts on the 11th hour - that very night. Movies made this morning screen tonight hot and fresh.

That evening's screening parades raw creativity by different filmmakers interpreting the same constraints. Cinemasports spring series includes Paris, Frankfurt, and Sofia, Bulgaria. Filmmakers and actors can participate by signing up on the website.

Come with a team or come alone and we'll try to match you with one.

There is no registration fee. Yes Free.

Three time Academy Award winner (and our favourite sound editor) Walter Murch says about Cinemasports, "You get beautiful randomness"

Screenings are $5 - $10 sliding scale and open to everyone.

o Can teams complete a short movie before sundown that includes a lost lover, a blue marble, and plastic surgery?

Crisis Breeds Creativity
o Forced concessions become opportunities for new thinking. No other event promises screening before bedtime - over celebration cocktails!

Everyone Participates
o Industry veterans and handycam prodigies juxtapose creations. Participants infect the audience with an exuberant buzz. Audience members arrive at the next event with camera in hand. A social movement is brewing. Cinemasports.


9:00 AM
The Attic - 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 95060

8:00 PM
Screenings are $5 - $10 sliding scale and open to everyone.

The Riverfront Theater

1:00 PM - YOUTH IN THE WORLD (The Riverfront Theater)
under 18 produced films dedicated to Evan Kuhn

It is with great sadness and heartfelt tribute that we ask members of the community to contribute and honor Evan Kuhn’s memory by donating to The Evan Kuhn Memorial Fund. For more information call (831) 419-5097 or e-mail info (at) To honor him the Kuhn family has set up a fund which in turn will honor monetarily the >)
Screenings are $5 - $10 sliding scale and open to everyone.

9:30 PM (The Riverfront Theater)

BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE - Philip Zlotorynski 79.5 min.
Writer/producer Chris Gore, founder of Film Threat, lampoons some of the most successful and highly acclaimed Indie flicks of recent times, including “Pulp Fiction�, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding�, “El Mariachi�, “Pi�, “Swingers�, and “The Good Girl�. Including every art house cliché—from philosophical hitmen to sexy lesbians—this creative farce stars the hilarious Paget Brewster, star of Showtime’s original series “Huff�, and the short lived but highly acclaimed Fox sitcom, “Andy Richter Controls the Universe�.

11:00 PM - THE LATE LATE SHOW (The Riverfront Theater)

GRAVES END - James Marlowe 89 min
Some dark secrets won’t stay buried forever. Shot in the mountains of Santa Cruz, where more than a few weird things have actually happened! “Graves End� is the kind of film that could have been very dark, humorless, sterile and deeply disturbing. Instead this pulpish, edgy, fun, moody, convoluted, complex, campy, and shocking film is a romp in the thriller/horror genre. As James Marlow states: “…with tongue planted firmly in cheek, I used humor to break tension and segue us from one scene to another. The film needed a balance and humor is an excellent equalizer.�

Director’s dinner sponsored by Soif
105 Walnut
423. 2020

9:30 PM – 1PM
After the show - Party, Vet's Hall
$15.00 general public- free to pass holders

The Mermen + Blood Bath & Beyond

The Mermen are one of the fest’s favorite bands. Known as the best surf psychedelic band, they are also world-class musicians. "For the past 10 years, the Mermen have been pursuing the band's singular path of merging psychedelia and surf music...� – Joel Selvin

The Mermen compose music for independent films.

"Blood Bath & Beyond" - Greg Camp and Paul Delisle from Smashmouth are bringing it home to Santa Cruz with drummer and "survivor" Lex van den Berge and guitarist Kelly Castro. Blood Bath & Beyond kick out some originals, as well as some cool covers. They are a super ROCK band, super fun...

Greg Camp has composed songs for: The Cat in the Hat, Austin Powers - Goldmember, Clockstoppers, Shrek, Jailbait, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, & Orgazmo.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Sunday May 8

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Sunday, May 8

Sunday, May 8

NOTICE: It is our intention to provide each attendee with the most valuable experience. Please take the time to inform our panelists of your specific needs and requests: Let Us Know! >>

10:00 AM
11:00 AM
(Two Sessions)

The 3 Golden Rules of Compositing Special Effects
Digital Media Factory

2809 Mission St.
Free to festival pass holders
To the general public $10

Let Us Know! >>

Please join us for this live studio demonstration of the compositing process. To demystify this critical procedure of filmmaking, we have created a practical introductory guide for independent storytellers. Attendees will see actual scenes composited in REAL TIME, which will detail the image capture process. This will be followed by an open Q + A forum with our experts.

Experienced filmmakers and editors will detail the 3 golden rules of red/green/blue screen photography. Just as important, this demonstration will show how to avoid the most common and expensive mistakes in the shooting process.

Marty Collins
Marty Collins, founder, brings over 37 years of experience in management, creative development, and production in television and motion pictures to the Digital Media Factory. A former Vice President of Broadcast Operations at Silicon Valley's KTEH Ch54 Public Television, Marty also served as President/CEO/General Manager of Starlite Studios, Inc., President/CEO of Darnell/Collins Productions, Inc., Co-founder and Partner of Mitchell/Collins Productions (an Investor/Partner in the Digital Media Factory) and Television Broadcast Operations Manager for Hewlett Packard Television Network.

Paul Stapleton-Smith
Mr. Stapleton-Smith has written, produced and directed film, video and print and event presentations for film, television and industry across the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America. Spanning a period of 23 years, he has also written, prepared and acted as press spokesman for a variety of sales, advertising and public relations accounts.
His work includes multi-camera remote, live call-in shows, feature films, concerts, stage and location red/green/blue screen, web-casting and electronic curriculum; production services for many diverse clients such as: ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, NASA, Sun Microsystems, FMC, Cisco Systems, Goodwill, MTV, Lucent, Intel, Philips, Concord-New Horizons.

John Carney
John Carney has worked continuously in the film and television industry since graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Master of Fine Arts degree in film. His work experience includes dramatic feature films and smaller personal films and documentaries. Throughout his career, he has worked alongside some of the most talented and creative directors and cinematographers in the industry. Caney was the Lighting Director of "The Perfect Storm", one of the most challenging visual effects projects of the day. Carney continues to write and develop his own inspired work, shoot independent projects, and light features and commercials.

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Independent Director’s and Producer’s Panel
(The Attic)
Moderator Bob Seidman

The Attic
841 Pacific Ave.
Free to festival pass holders
To the general public $10

Let Us Know! >>

New York screenwriter and novelist Robert Seidman will be moderating this 'not to be missed' educational panel. Robert Seidman is co-author, with Don Gifford, of Ulysses Annotated, the definitive annotation of James Joyce's great novel. He is working on an opera of Ulysses. He has written or co-written a range of feature films and documentaries, including In Black and White: The Choices of Gordon Parks; A Life Apart: Hasidism in America; Margaret Mead: An Observer Observed; Wallace Stevens: Man Made Out of Words. His novels include One Smart Indian and Bucks County Idyll.
He also teaches documentary film making at NYU and SUNY

The Panel
Teri Lang Producer- The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Taggart Siegel Director-The Real Dirt on Farmer John
Curt Dowdy Director- High Ambitions
James Marlow Director-Graves End
Jonathan Berman Director Commune
Jack Walsh Director Lost Generation
Carlos DeMenezes Director-Trespassing
David Holbrooke director Freaks Like Me

These directors will speak to you on the art + business of independent film making-how they did it and how you can move your next project forward.

Riverfront Theater

1:00 PM - IDENTITY IN THE WORLD (Riverfront Theater)

Finding the Thread is an intimate portrait of renowned avant-garde artist, provocateur, and opera and theater director Peter Sellers. Shot over the course of six years, the film chronicles the colorful life of Sellers as he orchestrates several innovative projects, including a 25 year retrospective of the work of video artist Bill Viola, a production of Jean Genet's rarely performed play "The Screens," adapted to fit the politically charged climate of East Los Angeles, and a faux military press conference in response to the Iraq War. When not directing epic theatrical productions overseas, Sellers is a popular professor at UCLA, where he strives to awaken the consciousness of his students with politically inflected lectures and a variety of provocative encounters with art, music, and intercultural rituals. In the classroom, in conversation, and in action, Sellers is a passionate advocate for art as moral action, and the film makes clear that this artist’s integrity is inexorably tied to the passion with which he operates on a daily basis.

THE LOST GENERATION - Jack Walsh 64 min
This film, by noted gay experimental filmmaker Jack Walsh, is a richly complex personal essay on life as middle passage. Once a lusted-after 20-something bohemian filmmaker living through some of our most recognizable cultural milestones (Kent State, the East Village performance art scene, gay liberation in San Francisco, the AIDS crisis), Walsh—now 50 and teetering on the brink of early Alzheimer’s—searingly observes his own age-induced invisibility. Melancholy, funny, poignant, and wholly revealing, Walsh mixes dynamic landscape imagery, still photographs, archival footage, and Super-8mm home movies to explore questions that arise from having more of one’s life behind than ahead, with no guideposts to lead the way forward. As he surveys the landscape of his own choices, his personal story reflects the larger social, cultural and political issues of his generation. What does it mean to remember? And what does it mean to live a life without regret?

3:00 PM - NOT A WORLD APART-YOUTH IN THE WORLD (Riverfront Theater)

THE TRAVELLER William Olsen 62 min Sweden/Germany
Albin, a young, ambitious MBA student abandoned by his girlfriend, is unable to take his final exam and travels to Berlin to write the novel of his dream and to get a taste of real life.
The film is what one could describe as “reality-fiction�. The only actors in the film are the main character, Albin, and his former girlfriend Lisa. All the characters in the film are real human beings convinced, at the time of shooting, that they are in a documentary.

HIKIKOMORI - Kal Karman 22min Japan
Otaku: 1) nerd, obsessed, enthusiast. 2) at home, inside
Hikikomori: 1) to shut out. 2) people who withdraw from society.
The film explores some aspects of currently being young in Japan. Feelings of unease or an inability to communicate lead to various reactions (skaters, harajuku kids), non-action (Otaku, Hikikomori) or self-destruction (‘suicide pacts’). Hikikomori, the central theme of the film, is a voluntary retreat from society and a continued pursuit for isolation. Hikikomori are, for the most part, adolescents or young adults up to 30 years of age, and often well educated. Most do not leave their home, or even their bedroom. This behavior may last for months, or years. Often refuge is found within elements from one’s childhood: video games or comics. Hikikomori live a nocturnal life in a deep depressive state, far from social activities and responsibilities (school, work, family). Even sexuality is often lived virtually (through sexy ‘manga’ characters). Hikikomori was filmed in Tokyo between the 3rd and 8th of November 2004.

5:00 PM (Riverfront Theater)

STAR Andrew Moore 73 min
STAR is a movie about dreams. STAR is a movie about failure. STAR is a movie about obsession and about the choices one makes on their journey through life. STAR is a movie about self-discovery and humility. STAR is a comedic documentary with a Rock and Roll soundtrack about Marcia Kimpton who, while battling for her lifelong dream of fame and recognition, finds herself continuously confronted by dilemmas both moral and psychological. She learns the meaning of humility and is forced into the ordeal of painful self discovery.
Director Andrew Moore follows Marcia, who has changed her name to Star, for three years and documents her as she tries desperately to fulfill her dreams of stardom once and for all. Woven into Star’s quest are various interviews with family and friends such as her mother, brother, minister, investor, and even Star herself, who reflect on Star’s drive, motivation, talent, and unresolved psychological issues.

7:00 PM - WORKING IN THE WORLD (Riverfront Theater)

WAGING A LIVING - Roger Weisberg 85 min
The term 'working poor' should be an oxymoron. If you work full time, you should not be poor, but more than 30 million Americans—one in four workers—are stuck in jobs that pay less than the federal poverty level for a family of four. WAGING A LIVING chronicles the day-to-day battles of four low-wage earners fighting to make work pay. Shot over a three-year period in the northeast and California, this observational documentary captures the dreams, frustrations, and accomplishments of a diverse group of people who struggle to live from paycheck to paycheck. By presenting an unvarnished look at the barriers that these workers must overcome to lift their families out of poverty, WAGING A LIVING offers a sobering view of the elusive American Dream.
WAGING A LIVING is produced and directed by Roger Weisberg, whose twenty-five previous documentaries have won over a hundred awards including Emmy, Peabody, and duPont-Columbia awards. He received an Academy Award® nomination in 2001 for SOUND AND FURY and in 2003 for WHY CAN’T WE BE A FAMILY AGAIN? WCWBFA also screened at SCFF in 2003.

VICTORIA PARA CHINO - Cary Joji Fukunaga MEXICO 14 min
One of the most amazing short narratives ever made. In May 2003 a refrigerated truck carrying more than 80 undocumented immigrants from the Mexican border drove into the heartland of Texas. A deadly combination of heat and overcrowding led to tragedy. This is a story of that journey and this is why we hold the festival.

JORNALERO (Day Laborer) - Sara MacPherson, 8 min
Work is scarce, and Jose Echevarria misses his family in Mexico. He has spent the last 14 years working as a day laborer—'jornalero'—in San Francisco. This portrait of one of the thousands of jornaleros working to get by and provide for their families follows Echevarria through his last days in the U.S. before returning home to see his family and the grandchildren he has yet to meet.

9:00 pm - VIVA LA LAUGH Comedy Night (Riverfront Theater)

DARCY’S OFF WHITE WEDDING Kristin Holloway 10 min
Free spirited Darcy finally decides to marry. On her big day, she’s not really given the support she needs by her relatives or stoner friends, which is surprising considering her true love is perfectly compatible with her. Will Darcy find post-nuptial happiness, or will objections prevent the marriage?

DUCK, DUCK GOOSE! D.C. Douglas 21 min
C.B. is a hopeless romantic who decides to pursue Lizzie, a beautiful woman with a chronic case of the burps. Despite being equally romantic—dreaming of a new love that will whisk her away to Paris—Lizzie can’t quite sever the ties with her ex-husband, now her housemate, so the three end up on a dinner date together. D.C. Douglas (ER, JAG, NYPD Blue) directs and stars in this perfect blend of romantic comedy and modern day cynicism.

STOP THIEF Soseh Kevorkian 10 min
Sophie, a 23 year-old professional shoplifter, is pressured by her mom to go straight. Why does she resist? Because her parents taught her everything she knows. Besides, there’s something romantic about a life of thievery. Within a hilarious “do as I say, not as I do� motif, Lizzie has to decide the right thing for herself.

WEST BANK STORY Ari Sandel 21 min
Song and dance provide counterpoint to the threat of Middle Eastern violence as two competing West Bank chick pea franchises, the Hummus Hut and Kosher King, begin to feud over their close proximity with one another. Can the budding romance between the beautiful Palestinian cashier, Fatima, and the dashing Israeli soldier, David, prevent the two restaurants from destroying each other? This Official Selection at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival is parody at its finest!

INTERVENTION Jeff Wager 12 min
Last year’s Cinemar screenwriting winner…
Joe’s wife has had it with her husband’s twisted addiction, so she organizes an intervention. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do the best job of explaining to the other participants exactly what it is that Joe’s addicted to, leading to false assumptions and an awkward, but funny, confrontation.

Afraid your friends might get between you and your bottle? Just follow these eight easy steps, and you too can undermine the power of an intervention. A woman who really enjoys her drinking illustrates each hilarious step, but the lessons are not without their serious undertones; lots of laughs lead to a sobering conclusion.

THE BREAKS Richard Sears 10 min
A million-dollar-prize-winning bottlecap keeps changing owners as one unscrupulous person after another tries to steal it.

THE FAX Ben Bary 13 min
Two slackers, Ernie and Whitley, are receiving phone calls, but when they answer, all they hear is the squeal of a fax transmission. Annoyed, they decide to hook up a fax machine so they can find out what’s being sent. If it’s valuable, maybe they can ransom it! But what if they’re risking their lives by intercepting nefarious info sent by bad guys? Then again, it’s probably some poor old man’s prescription meant for the local pharmacy. Their second-guessing leads to a comedic battle of wills.

RINGO Conall Jones + Alfred Seccombe 5 min
A simple-minded young man sits on a bridge with a buddy and fantasizes about getting a car, or maybe a horse, in this whimsical and charming comedy about friendship.

MR. DRAMATIC John Stalberg, Jr. 12 min
A young woman waits in a Hollywood bar for her blind date, which turns out to be none other than the notorious “Mr. Dramatic.� Before he can walk across the room to meet her, the drama hits the fan. This clever comedy gets its laughs by playing it straight and from its talented cast, including Oliver Hudson (Dawson's Creek) and Amy Acker (Angel).

AUTOMATED ASSETS James Dastoli 3 min
Two robots tell it like it is.

(Volevo Sapere Sull'Amore)
Max Croci 2003 Italy 11 min Italy
A whimsical gem from Italy, winner of the Nastro D'Argento award for Best Actress and first prize at Berlin's Interfest, this short film chronicles the adventures of Maga, a fortune-teller on the call-in TV program "I'd Like to Know About Love." Sometimes even soothsayers can be surprised.

KILLING KEVIN Jeanne Kopeck 16 min
Members of an anti-Kevin Costner support group, all of which have suffered professional setbacks after working on Costner bombs, grapple with their “soul-sucking, career-ending rationalization for murder.� For those that still feel resentment over wasting three non-refundable hours of life on The Postman, this short is for you!

Director’s Dinner Sponsored by The Attic
931 Pacific Ave

at The Attic 852 Pacific Ave.
5.00 general public
free to pass holders free BYOB

DJ Ousmane hailing from Senegal, DJ Ousmane graced us with his spinning beats at The SCFF Kick-off Party last April. He is back and will be rocking some world beats to twinkle your toes.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Monday May 9

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Monday, May 9

Riverfront Theater

4:30 PM WORLD CITIZENS (Riverfront Theater)

CITIZEN STAN Patty Sharaf 62 min
CITIZEN STAN profiles the life of Stanley Sheinbaum, who has shaped foreign policy with Prime Ministers, Presidents and Kings. His negotiating skills have put him in league with gang leaders and students. As co-director of the Vietnam Project at Michigan State U, he hired men to set up the police force of South Vietnam in the 1950’s. He later spoke out against the Vietnam War, and was the defense strategist for Daniel Ellsberg during the Pentagon Papers trial. When a coup in Greece imprisoned his friend, Andears Papandreou, Sheinbaum took great personal risks to save his life. During the LA riots, acting as President of the Police Commission, Sheinbaum sparred with Chief Daryl Gates, ultimately forcing him to resign. In a bold move, this same Citizen Stan met with Yasser Arafat and persuaded him to denounce terrorism against Israel. At the request of President Clinton, Sheinbaum traveled to Damascus to set up a summit with Syria. His life holds lessons for all who are interested in peace and understanding among the world’s citizens.
He’s a man you ought to know about.

THE FOREST THROUGH THE TREES JUDI BARI v. the F.B.I. Bernadine Mellis 54 min
In 1990, Earth First! Organizer Judi Bari’s car was bombed. Within three hours of the bombing, Bari was accused of transporting the explosives that nearly killed her. Still in the hospital, she was arrested, and labeled a terrorist in the national media.
THE FOREST FOR THE TREES follows the bombing and arrest of Judi Bari, and her subsequent civil suit against the FBI. At the heart of the film, made by Bari’s lawyer’s daughter, is Bari, a folk hero with an electrifying on-screen presence, and the legal battle against law enforcement that few believed she could win.

PINK the RNC 11 min Annie Newman 11 min
In August 2004 CODE PINK, a women's anti-war group went to New York to protest at the Republican National Convention. This eleven-minute documentary, Narrated by Medea Benjamin, shows how CODE PINK used humor, imagination, and daring to take on the Republicans.

PLANET USA Marlene Winell 7:45
This short doc briefly covers US world domination and its devastating effect on the planet. The myth of the “global good guy� is explored, along with the question of why Americans are so disconnected from what is going on. Interviews with Amy Goodman, Medea Benjamin, Jim Garrison and others.

7:15 PM MIDDLE EAST CALLING (Riverfront Theater)

Bikvot Hakol Havud LOOKING FOR THE LOST VOICE ISRAEL Zipora Trope 70 min
On August 4, 2002 at 8.45am Omri Goldin was killed in a suicide bombing. Many dreams were shattered that morning. Omri's father, Amiram, a peace activist, had a dream to build a commercial district, a joint Israeli -Arab venture, in the Galilee. Amiram's Arab friends are not sure if he will pursue their shared dream. Omri's grandmother always wanted a large family. She is a Holocaust survivor. Omri's friends are all members of the punk- rock band 'Lucy's Pussy'. Omri was the soloist of the band. They were waiting for him to finish writing his new song. All of the band members are sons of Israeli army generals and F- 16 pilots. The sons are angry, their fathers, the heroes, are lost and tired. They admit that they can no longer protect their sons. Tilda, Omri’s mother, delivered a baby a year after the suicide bombing. She is 53 years old. This is a film of contradictions: Death and a punk-rock group, suicide bombing and a holocaust survivor, desperate Arabs and Jews sharing their pain. And in the center is a one man’s journey for peace that starts with death and ends with a new life

AN IRAQI LULLABY Irving Saraf and Allie Light 6 min
In memory of children killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, Russia, Chechnya, Oklahoma City, Rwanda, Bosnia, Somalia, Waco, East Timor, Vietnam, Angola, the Nazi holocaust in Europe and in all the other wars of hate and destruction.

WINNING THE PEACE Eli Kaufman 18 min
On June 14th, 2003, The New York Times ran a photograph on its front page of an American soldier kneeling and embracing one of his fellow men. Upon reading the caption, the reader discovers the cause of the soldier’s anguish: Iraqi children have been maimed by unexploded battlefield ordinance. This image of war in the 21st Century begs for a back-story. Beyond the immediate tragedy of the destruction of innocent lives, the events that produced this image had to reflect something fundamental about this particular war, for both the men in the photo and for us, their fellow Americans.

In our story the weeping man is Lieutenant Charlie Latif, a proud member of America’s peacekeeping mission in Iraq. But this war has a much deeper meaning for Charlie. As the soldiers patrol a small village, an embedded reporter learns that Charlie is the son of Iraqi immigrants exiled from their homeland by Sadaam Hussein’s regime. Charlie is not just a professional soldier “doing a job,' he is on a personal crusade to redeem his place of birth.

As Charlie struggles to fight a just war in Iraq, his son Jordan competes in a youth league championship game in idyllic suburban America. Jordan plays with an unmatched ferocity and scores the winning goal. But the jubilation of his victory is cut short. The image of his weeping father runs on the evening news and for the first time Jordan and his mother must confront the reality of Charlie’s tragic bind.

9:00 PM A WORLD REJOYCING (Riverfront Theater)
sponsored by

David Blake Knox, Shimmy Marcus, Dearbhla Walsh, Hilary Fennell, Neasa Hardiman and Ruth Meehan
1 hr 29 min Ireland
‘Imagining Ulysses’ marks the centenary of Bloomsday, the imaginary day on which all of the action in James Joyce’s great novel takes place. Like Joyce’s novel, ‘Imagining Ulysses’ comes in 18 different episodes and, like the original, each of these is designed to have its own distinctive theme and style. Narrated by Oscar Winner Brenda Fricker, with Patrick Bergin as the voice of Joyce, the overall intention of the film is to honour the spirit of the book – in an imaginative, accessible and original way.
One of them for example features a tabloid TV talk show – á la Jerry Springer – where Virginia Woolf and D.H.Lawrence defend their harsh critiques of Joyce. Another film tells the story of a love affair in communist China, between translators Wen Jieruo and Hsaio Ch’ien, with Ulysses as the backdrop. A performance by Gavin Friday forms the backdrop for a piece on racism in Ireland - in 1904 - and 100 years later. The final film for ‘Penelope’, Molly Bloom’s famous speech, features lines read by more than 30 women including Samantha Mumba, Hilda Faye, Anna Nolan and Tatianna Ouliankina.

RIDEO ERGO SUM (I Laugh Therefore I Am) was inspired by painted crucifixes at the Pinacoteca National Museum in Siena in 1961, and later by a contemporary crucifix in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Franks’ personal credo is RIDEO ERGO SUM, which captures the playful spirit of this film.

Director’s dinner sponsored by Café Mare
740 Front St.

After Party at The Blue
Pass holders free
Blue Lagoon 923 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Tuesday May 10

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Tuesday, May 10

Riverfront Theater

3:00 PM (Riverfront Theater)

PEACABLE KINGDOM Jenny Stein 70 min
“Peaceable Kingdom is a masterpiece.� —Dr. Jane Goodall
Imagine awakening one day to realize that the work you were trained to do since birth, the life you had always imagined you’d lead, the very values that had been taught in your family for generations, went against the deepest part of your being.
In Peaceable Kingdom, we hear the riveting stories of people struggling with their conscience around some of our society’s most fundamental assumptions. There’s the fourth-generation Montana cattleman whose growing angst about the treatment of farm animals run so much against the grain of his community that he can’t even discuss it with his minister. There’s a Michigan farmer whose life is turned completely upside down by the unexpected affection of a rescued sanctuary cow. And there’s the young couple that stumble upon a massive injustice hidden away by the factory farming industry, and find they cannot turn away, even though they can only help one animal at a time.
An inspiring story of personal redemption, compassion, healing and hope, Peaceable Kingdom is described by many of its viewers as “a life changing experience.�

A Symbol of Disarmament, A Symbol of Change Dean Bernal 12 min.
A Japanese dolphin hunter is moved by the friendship between naturalist Dean Bernal and a wild dolphin named JoJo. Dean returns to Japan and is surprised to receive a gift from the former dolphin hunter, an unprecedented gesture and an honor that surpasses cultural divisions. Heartbreaking scenes of dolphin kills are juxtaposed with footage showing Dean and JoJo's unique bond.

5:00 PM (Riverfront Theater)

In “Searching for Angela Shelton,� filmmaker Angela Shelton journeys across the United States to meet other Angela Shelton’s and through them survey American women in the early 21st Century. What she wasn’t prepared for was learning that 24 out of 40 Angela Shelton’s she spoke to had been raped, beaten or molested, she included. The first Angela she meets rents out space to a foster care company and the filmmaker was in a foster home as a child. It gets stranger when there is an Angela Shelton who tracks sexual predators and just happens to live in the same town as the filmmaker’s father who is a child molester and defiled her and her step-siblings for five years. “Searching for Angela Shelton� forced filmmaker Angela Shelton to confront her past and she found herself on her father’s doorstep on Father’s Day for the first time in twelve years.
The Angela’s are angels on the filmmaker’s shoulders who not only share similar pasts but also similar paths to healing. God is a recurring theme in the movie and the last Angela the filmmaker meets is a Muslim. Child abuse and violence against women have no boundaries of race, gender, religion or political party and “Searching for Angela Shelton� shows that there is no boundary to the healing either. The film is dedicated to survivors all over the world. Whether you know it or not, you probably know someone who was sexually abused and this movie is helping to break the silence.

ALL FALL DOWN Rebecca Ormond 4 min. Beta SP
The consequences of a neglectful mother-daughter relationship is examined when a 4 year old girl goes to the extreme to find out “if only she or her brother could live� who would Mom choose?

7:00 PM PEACE THROUGH MUSIC (Riverfront Theater)

LIVICATED Erik E. Crown 87:14
'Livicated' explores revolution through music from the eyes and life of its premiere archivist - Beat magazine founder and NPR DJ - Roger Steffens. He has spent over 30 years Livicated to archiving and interviewing revolutionary and reggae musicians, both as a dj for NPR, and also as an activist/archivist. Located in his house in Los Angeles, Roger Steffens' Reggae Archive is the largest in the world, and recently bought to become the First national Museum of Caribbean Music in Jamaica. 'Livicated' dispels myths and misconceptions about reggae music and the Rastas that create it by peering into this museum of a mindset, we see rare and unreleased interviews from Peter Tosh, Carlos Santana, Ben Harper, Little Richard, Jimmy Cliff, John Ritter, and many others, including the unreleased Bob Marley song 'Good Time', recorded impromptu at his last rehearsal. Through all of this we see music being used as a weapon, and learn from the lives of many artists who were beaten or killed for their words, songs, and poems. A music that demands equal rights, justice, calls for humanity and unity a music whose message has been quieted although it has become an international standard in just a short 30 years. 'Livicated' allows the music and musicians to speak for themselves, and shed a first light on this invisible culture within our own.

WE COME IN PEACE Sivan Gur-Arieh 4min
Devo for the new millennium?

(Second Venue - Community Television 816 Pacific Ave.)

ACCESS NATION Bryan Singer + Team 5 89 min
Community TV
816 Pacific Ave.

Yes! Santa Cruz Public Access is featured in this doc among the folks from 20 other stations in as many states. Access Nation catches up with dozens of people from all over the country who have one thing in common: producing television shows for their local public access stations.
Since the beginning, public access has always been the soapbox of the television age, and many a producer has tested the limits of normal broadcasting-both in concept and taste.
Featuring programs from the Cruz: The Bill & Clay Show, Book TV, QTV, Community TV of SC, Streetlight Records and WLC (Whole Lotta Crap).
Be The Show

Space is limited to 65 seats

(Riverfront Theater)

PSOD is a coming-of-age comedy about best friends Ben and Thomas, two teenage skateboarders with two shared interests- skateboarding and girls. Their lives take on not the usual family trials, but how the boys handle these twists and turns make up the parables of life lessons. PSOD is truly designed to give talented unknown actors a chance to showcase their talents. With its youthful story of teenagers and the challenges they face, the story gave the young cast a starting point on which to base their future careers.

DIVING Robert Vukajilo 13 min Sweden
A father, who is a former diving champion, wants his son to be the same. A beautifully told story of expectations from Sweden shot in black and white.

Directors Dinner Sponsored by Red
1003 Cedar

After Party at The Blue
Pass holders free
Blue Lagoon 923 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Wednesday, May 11

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Wednesday, May 11

Riverfront Theater

3:00 PM THE HEARING WORLD (Riverfront Theater)

WHAT’S BUGGING SETH Eli Steele 95 min
WBS tells the story of a man who is hearing impaired, looking for success in business and in life. When Seth Singer, a young deaf man, is asked his name one hears 'Death Dinger.' A minor flaw in a man who is determined to let nothing, not even his handicap, stop him from forming a successful bug extermination business. As the rejections pile up, he finds comfort and romance with Alma, a double amputee, who knows how unfair the world can be. However, as Seth finds himself on the verge of love and success, the return of his old flame throws everything into question.
Eli writes, “however far from the stereotypical story of a handicapped person triumphing over great odds, WBS tells the story of a deeply flawed human struggling to find his way in the world. Orally deaf myself, I can understand Seth’s desire to do everything on his own. It is a noble and worthy pursuit. But Seth makes one crucial mistake he denies his deafness�.

PILAR Leda Maliga 51 min
Pilar lost most of her hearing when she was a week old and in her 20’s the loss went from severe to profound. At age 28 she participated in a FDA study on the Cochlear Implant. It was the beginning of a transformational journey, The film follows Pilar over a seven year period, covering the months of anticipation leading up to the operation, the moment the device is activated and the long process of learning to recognize sounds and finally the joy of hearing her son’s first cry. Pilar, a native of Santa Cruz, inspires us to face our challenges with humor, passion and grace.

5:45 PM (Riverfront Theater)

APARTMENT 202 Kelleth Chinn 86 min
John is a struggling San Francisco musician who can’t find a girlfriend. Zack his roommate and best friend is a wannabe comedian who likes to play the field. When the two fall for a pair of beautiful and strong-willed foreigners (Veronique Henry, Rina Fernandez), John convinces Zack that they have to do whatever it takes to help the girls stay in the country -- even if it means getting married and living together. A comedic clash of cultures transforms the apartment, and John and Zack find out that they have a lot to learn about love and life.

…COULD BE SOMETHING THERE Joshua Weiner 13 min
Two stand-up comedians go on a blind date. Funny…very funny

7:45 PM ARTISTS AT LARGE (Riverfront Theater)
sponsored by Made In Santa Cruz

THE ART & CRIMES OF RON ENGLISH is an 82-minute documentary about the culture jamming and billboard liberation antics of Ron English: billboard bandit, post-pop pundit, post-punk prankster, counter-cultural cartoonist, culture-jammer. A modern Robin Hood of Madison Avenue, Ron paints, perverts, infiltrates, reinvents and satirizes modern culture and its popular visual iconography on canvas, in songs, and directly on hundreds of pirated billboards. Shot entirely guerilla, this film gives the viewer an intimate look into the life of an artist who has been at the forefront of movements in photography, painting, activist art, and underground music. This irreverent and provocative documentary offers up an alternative universe where nothing is sacred, everything is subverted, and there's always room for a little good-natured fun.
Ron’s art was featured in Super Size Me. He is the ultimate culture Jam God.

Compelled to somehow cover the 2004 political season, but finding himself profoundly alienated with politics, protests, and even much of the filmmaking process, filmmaker Rob VanAlkemade was eventually seduced, hesitantly, into living on a 50 year old bus with Reverend Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping for a ten day "Stop Big Boxes" tour of California.
The crew miraculously clocked over 1,000 miles and consumed over 100 gallons of diesel, ("We burned fuel to get here today, children", says Billy, "we're all sinners, it's complicated...") with no vehicular mishaps.
The Church conducted cash register exorcisms, (resulting in LA County jail time for the Reverend,) parking lot revivals, and hypnotizing sermons, where the Reverend occasionally lost consciousness by absorbing the evil living inside congregant's credit cards.
The documentary concludes in New York City shortly after the Republican National Convention, when Billy is arrested in Times Square on Stop Shopping Day after pleading with the public to "be creative" and "slow down the shopping however you can."
A Santa Cruz exorcism may be in the final cut.

9:30 PM (Riverfront Theater)

THIS REVOLUTION Stephen Marshall
In 1969, Academy Award winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler exploded the boundaries of American verite cinema with his quasi-fictional masterpiece, Medium Cool. Set against the chaotic and hyper-politicized backdrop of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, Wexler’s narrative effectively blurred the lines between reality and fiction, forcing viewers to question the responsibility media has to its audience and the society as a whole.
Thirty years later, as anti-Bush activists and the New York police force prepared for their encounter on the streets outside the 2004 Republican National Convention, director Stephen Marshall took his cast and crew, including stars Rosario Dawson and Nathan Crooker, into the chaos. With Entertainment Tonight and New York Daily News in tow, the shoot was interrupted when six NYPD officers pulled up in a van and arrested Dawson and Marshall mistaking them for Black Bloc anarchists.
Conceived as a low-budget, hi-impact verite thriller for the political set, This Revolution, was developed, written, cast, shot (on 24P DV) and edited in 100 days. The story follows Jake Cassevetes (Nathan Crooker), a network war shooter just back from Iraq who is assigned to cover the run-up to the RNC. When he meets and falls in love with Tina Santiago (Rosario Dawson), a young mother widowed after her husband was killed in Iraq, Jake is forced to question his worldview. But it is not until he discovers his network has given his videotape of an anarchist Black Bloc group to Homeland Security that Jake decides to take action.

Through Ellis Island they all came in waves. Mannequin Immigrants traces mannequin history and cultural influence. Thank you Lady Liberty!

7:00 PM (VET'S HALL 846 Front St.)

The Expendables: XXX Rated Abi McKee 60 min.
‘The Expendables: XXX-Rated’ is a film about local musical sensation, The Expendables. The film spans two West Coast tours that include everything from seedy bars to wild backyard parties and major venues. The full-length rockumentary shows the band at practice, includes hilarious on-the-road footage of ‘Jack Ass’ style pranks and wild fans run amok. The film also presents a rare look at the group recording their latest album ‘Getting Filthy’ at Psy Klopps studios up in San Francisco. Santa Cruz surfers showcase new Expendables songs while interviews with each band member and others close to the band reveal how the group got started, how they write new songs, why they have held together so well and what it means to dedicate one’s life completely to a love of music and making it in a band.

Director’s Dinner Sponsor Red
1003 Cedar

Party @ Red

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Thursday, May 12

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Thursday, May 12

The Riverfront Theater

3:00PM (Riverfront Theater)

60 SPINS AROUND THE SUN Laura Kightlinger 60 min
60 Spins tells the story of Randy Credico a showbiz flameout who has spent the last twenty years lending his voice to unsung causes, from his support of the Sandinista and Jimmy Hoffa Jr., to his fight against racial profiling and New York’s Rockefeller Drug Laws.
The film also explores Randy’s flaws and foibles, from his professional fatal appearance on Carson to his humiliating stint as H.R. Puf-n-Stuf. Ex-girlfriends, so-workers, and show-biz luminaries like Larry David and Colin Quinn pepper this bizarre portrait with their insights.
Part political conscious-raiser and part show-business expose, 60 Spins is ultimately, a poignant account of an underappreciated mold breaker whose heart, energy and passion-even if all over the place-are always in the right place.

JOKEBITCH Tom Ellis 30 min
Fate throws a depressed New York comic into a nightmare world of sex and violence. After a particularly unremarkable performance in an out of the way club, Artie Sims is visited by his successful buddy Jackie, an established television star, who attempts to cheer him up with what he describes as the ultimate on line experience, a web cam sex community. Bemused though skeptical, our hero logs on and his life is changed forever when he witnesses the brutal death of a gorgeous woman at the hands of a laughing madman...or did he? Mixing comedy with elements of the thriller, joke bitch hurtles towards it's surprise ending, where fate waits with the punch line of it's own wicked joke

5:00 PM WAR IN THE WORLD (Riverfront Theater)

CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR Terry L. Benedict 101 min
The inspiring story of pfc Desmond Doss, A Conscientious Objector and Army Medic in World War II, who overcame incredible odds in saving the lives of 75 soldiers in 12 hours, high on the 400 ft Maeda Escarpment, a.k.a. Hacksaw Ridge, on the island of Okinawa, who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Not all war heroes carry a weapon, some carry faith -- Presidents Honor Him -- Generals Salute Him, A True Story of an American Patriot.
For 50 years, Hollywood has wanted to tell the story of Desmond Doss, A reluctant Conscientious Objector, Desmond was desperate to serve his country even though his beliefs would not allow him to kill another human being. Refusing the deferment offered to him, he trained to become a combat medic. Desmond developed a reputation as one of the most fearless medics in the battles of Guam, Leyte, and Okinawa, known as “The Hell Hole of the Pacific.� Soldiers who alienated and ridiculed Desmond during combat training saw him demonstrate extraordinary strength of character and courage on the battlefield. His unyielding convictions and selfless acts of courage in saving the lives of the very men who ridiculed him won him their awe and respect as he emerged from the war as one of America’s greatest military heroes. “The Conscientious Objector� explores the nature of Desmond’s heroism and searched out survivors of the 77th Infantry Division who were witness to Desmond’s actions as well as those rescued by him. With a cinematic approach that captures powerful and inspiring interviews with Desmond Doss, his family, and the few remaining Veterans, their stories reveal the many sacrifices that Desmond made. For the first time in 56 years, they reunite with their medic on the Maeda Escarpment, on the island of Okinawa, where this amazing story took place.

ANNA UND DER SOLDAT Steffen Schroeder 10 min. Germany
An 18-year-old Italian girl Anna is haunted by her past. In 1944 she lost her family in a massacre by the German Wehrmacht. When one of the soldiers returns six years later, the moment of revenge has come…

SOMEWHERE NEAR KOKODA Brad Haynes 11min Australia
It is 1942 and two Australians are pinned down deep in the dense jungle of the Owen Stanley Ranges facing an enemy they cannot see.

7:30 PM A WORLD OF PROMISE (Riverfront Theater)

This brilliant documentary focuses us on Oakley Hall, a 28 year old playwright with a reputation for genius and on the verge of national recognition when head injuries from a mysterious fall from a bridge took away his artistic life away.
TLONT is a haunting story of Hall’s fall from impending stardom, and what happens when, twenty-five years later, a theater company stages the very play he was writing the night he fell.

An animated wood –carving carnival brings memories of love, lust and broken dreams from a 1930’2 midway.

9:30 PM (Riverfront Theater)

STAY UNTIL TOMORROW Laura Colella 1: 31 min
This funny and kaleidoscopic film centers on Nina, a former teenage soap star who abandoned her career to go to college, and then dropped out of college to travel the world. In the several years since, she has remained attached to the adventurous lifestyle of a transcontinental drifter.
Back home for a few weeks, she drops in unannounced on her childhood friend Jim, and asks if she can crash with him for a few days. Jim, a librarian, readily agrees despite having just begun an intense relationship with a young coworker.
Nina's days at Jim's turn into weeks, as she tries to learn Italian at the library for her next job in Sicily. But she encounters (and creates) many more distractions than anticipated, transforming Jim's workplace into a site of comic, literary, and sexual escapades.
The Actor Playing Jim longs to salvage their film from art-house obscurity, but 'Stay Until Tomorrow' is irredeemably uncooperative. Like its heroine Nina, the film celebrates beauty, unpredictability, and the potential richness of experience.

Director’s Dinner Sponsored by Café Mare
740 Front St #100

10:00 PM - ?
SURF CINEMA at Club Caution
Pass holders free. 5.00 to general public over 21 only
516 Front Street
Size does matter!
Play Hard ... Play Safe!

Surf Cinema is an instrumental-soundtrack band and a collage of surf, beach party, spy movie, car crash, western, sitcom, kitsch, and clay-mation clips to project live on stage behind the band to form "Surf Cinema". It's a slight twist from traditional surf and a bit more visually entertaining.
The band has shared the stage with Dick Dale, The Red Elvises, and many other bands up and down the west coast.

Santa Cruz Film Festival: Schedule for Friday, May 13

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Friday, May 13

Rio Theater

4:00 PM (Rio Theater)

THIS DIVIDED STATE Steven Greenstreet 92 min
This 25-year-old Utah doc filmmaker is one to watch. When filmmaker Michael Moore announced in September 2004 that he would visit the lion's den of Republican Utah two weeks before the Presidential Elections. What followed was an unprecedented uproar from the community of Orem, Utah who resorted to death threats, bribery, and lawsuits in order to prevent Moore's arrival to Utah Valley State College.
An explosion of outrage tore the community apart and those once apathetic to political views rose to the front lines. So began a heated war of protest, lawsuits, and death threats. Would conservative activists prevent Michael Moore from coming? Would liberal Utahans win out their fight for Freedom of Speech? Would Sean Hannity come to town to fuel the fire? The answer lies somewhere within This Divided State.

6:00 PM (Rio Theater)

WAITING TO INHALE Jed Riffe 85 min
Sponsored by The Compassion Flower Inn
Waiting to Inhale examines the current debate over legalizing medical marijuana in the United States. What are the claims being made, and what are the stakes? Ten states have passed legislation permitting medical marijuana, but opponents claim that patients who advocate legalization are only smokescreens for the legalization of marijuana altogether.
Waiting to Inhale explores every side of the conflict, taking viewers inside the lives of individuals whose lives have been uniquely affected by terminal illness and drug use. Is marijuana really a gateway drug? Is there scientific evidence to support the claim that marijuana can treat the painful symptoms of illnesses such as cancer, AIDS and multiples sclerosis? The film sheds new light on this controversial struggle, presenting exclusive access to the first medical studies on smoked cannabis to take place in over thirty years. The film features Valerie and Mike Corral as well as other members of the WAMM farm in Santa Cruz.

Director and Producer Jed Riffe, Co-Producer and Writer Katherine Covell
will be present to answer any questions having to do with the film itself, but will leave discussion of the issues surrounding medical marijuana to the panelists.

The following panelists will discuss their perspectives on the debate over the legalization of medical marijuana.
Valerie Corral - Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Wo/Man's Alliance for Medical Marijuana. She is also a patient with epilepsy.
Mike Corral - Co-Founder and Agricultural Director of the Wo/Man's Alliance for Medical Marijuana
Suzanne Pfeil - WAMM board member and Post Polio Syndrome patient
Bruce Merkin - Spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project
Dr. Arnold Leff, a doctor for WAMM based in Santa Cruz who served on President Nixon's National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, or Yvonne Westbrook, a multiple sclerosis patient who has been active in the fight to legalize medical marijuana and is featured in our film.


Closing Night

sponsored by
A portion of Closing Night’s proceeds to benefit The Rex Foundation
The Rex Foundation continues to embody the spirit of generosity and concern that evolved in the culture of the Dead Heads and the Grateful Dead as we carry out our mission: We aim to help secure a healthy environment, promote individuality in the arts, provide support to critical and necessary social services, assist others less fortunate than ourselves, protect the rights of indigenous people and ensure their cultural survival, build a stronger community and educate children and adults everywhere.
Established in 1984, Rex Foundation has granted almost $8 million to some 1,000 grassroots programs across the United States and internationally. We generally support programs that might be overlooked or fall under the radar screen of mainstream funders, yet do bold, innovative and sometimes controversial work to bring about helpful solutions to challenging situations.
Since 2001, Rex Foundation has been renewing its grant making capacity in the absence of direct funding from Grateful Dead concerts. Through the generous direct support of contributors, volunteers, event organizers and performers – as evidenced by this screening at the Santa Cruz Film Festival - Rex Foundation is building a large, grassroots philanthropic community, depicted by our Rex Community Caravan. We look forward to growing the Caravan with lots of new riders over the next 20 years. Visit for more information.

Sam writes, “The Grateful Dead had recently returned from a triumphal tour of Europe (’72) where the filmmakers purchased the then state of the art miniaturized equipment, a Swiss made Stellavox field recorder and an Éclair ACL 16mm camera.

The plot was to develop a signature visual style of representing the band: a camera for each of the 16 channels (at least!) emphasizing the visual kinetics of the music making itself as well as the enormous open communication within the band. The first agreed upon project was to put together a thirty-minute replacement for the KQED tape the band had been using for promotion on tour.

Pigpen had just retired from the road and Mickey was in self-imposed exile. Keith and Donna had just joined the band. The band was on a roll and in tight formation. The Alembic PA was churning out the ripest, highest amplitude primary colors ever hallucinated. Some say it was our apogee.

Suddenly Chuck Kesey was camped out at the crossroads of the Grateful Dead office, obstructing all traffic until he got an answer: Would the band play a benefit for the Springfield Creamery? Fred, the Kesey paterfamilias, had passed away leaving an indebtedness to the Federal Milk Fund or some such, and Chuck and Sue were just tooling up the Nancy’s yogurt enterprise and they were in danger of losing the family farm and the Dead said yes.

Sam Cutler called the filmmakers and suggested they join forces with Far West Action Picture Services, the then incarnation of the Pranksters film-making adventures. This was a much greater first project than originally contemplated, however, the filmmakers acceded with alacrity.

Ron Wickersham of Alembic agreed to record in 16-track and to devise a method whereby all the different cameras could each find sync with the recording.

From the get-go the benefit was a charmed event, emblematic of everything our tribe aspired to. In the meadow that was to become the home of the Oregon Country Fair, hippies pulled together, built a stage and threw themselves a party to celebrate and help out a neighbor, The Springfield Creamery. Perhaps the only bewildered guy on the scene was the straight piano tuner who brought Keith’s piano.

On the day of the show, the temperature would rise to 105 degrees, everyone would get dosed, nobody would get hurt and the band would soldier through into territories seldom visited. The heat washed away any preconceptions and when the Sun stole the music, Jerry would fight back and haul it in, onto his frets again. The band played heroically.

We were all suitably scrambled. Film magazines didn’t come fast enough because the changers had melted or become distracted, cameramen went off into enchanted but unintelligible directions of wobble and warp. By the time Jack Straw rolled around the earthquakes had slowed down and the camerawork improved. Much of the warpedness was considered unacceptable at the time but today it lends a certain authenticity.

We didn’t, by any means, shoot every song. We shot what we thought would be good candidates for the thirty minute project. The band delivered a stellar thirty-minute (exactly!) Dark Star that would have made a fabulous if enigmatic release at the same time Watergate was breaking.

That project was hijacked by the notion that what we had was far more than a few precious stones; we had an ornament. It’s taken over thirty years for the half-life of that notion to become true. In the intervening years the film spent most of its life in the pump house of the producer, Sam Field.

A couple of years ago, at the behest of Dennis McNally who wanted to screen it in conjunction with the release of his book, we brought it up to date, digitizing and adding two new songs to the original cut: a wonderfully emotive Bird Song and a twilight Sing Me Back Home that, because of it’s fading images, can’t help but move you.

Most of the rest of the film is as it was the day it was set aside including the animation sequences in Dark Star which, due to lack of band footage, were patched in pretty much willy-nilly from old work print provided by Dennis Pohl, a New York filmmaker. We had intended he would create original, syncopated work for the final film.

There are still a few more miles to go, fine tuning the edit, remixing the sound, before we get to the final technical hurdle, conforming 1972 technology to current DVD standards, but with patience and perseverance this may someday, be available to all�.
Thanks Sam, I couldn’t have said it any better!

GROWING UP Anna Gabriel 40 min
"Growing Up on Tour" follows Peter Gabriel on the Growing Up tour of 2002. With his eldest daughter filming, his second daughter singing and his new wife and baby joining him on the road, Gabriel juggles his lives as a musician and as a regular family man. The highs, the lows, the sublime, the ridiculous, the fathers, sisters, brothers, band members and road crew: Anna Gabriel's knowing eye reveals an inventive and intimate portrait of family life on tour.

Seventh inning stretch

Director’s Dinner Sponsored by Malabar
Sri Lankan Cuisine
1116 Soquel Ave.
423 7906

10:00 PM (Rio Theater)

Closing Night Party
Pass holders and ticket holders only.
Local musicians turn on their love light.

Thomas Cunningham & the Loco Focos
SCFF ‘04 Opening Night band returns! Thomas Cunningham and his 4-piece acoustic pop/rock band (the Loco Focos) are sure to chill your vibe and soothe your soul, casting visions of palm trees, tropical paradise, and a good bottle of wine. Although many have compared Thomas Cunningham's music to the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Mayer, and Nick Drake, he delivers engaging lyrics and soulful melodies through his own unique, rich and organic approach.

Thanks every one for showing up!


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