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...(Our) Leaders Planned.....Attacks of 9/11-Dr. Griffin

The truth about 9/11 is slowly making it's way out from the Internet.
An extremely brave and intelligent University Professor named Dr. David
Ray Griffin has written a book that is full of irrefutable facts about the
9/11 attacks that will stun people who have not been getting their news
from non main stream sources.

His lecture will re-air on C-span Saturday May 6, at 2:30 PM Eastern. It is
extremely well done and extremely important information for all Americans.
Here are a few quotes from Dr. Griffin's lecture:

1) For many Americans, the idea that we are living in a country who's
own leaders planned and carried out the attacks of 9/11 is simply
too horrible to entertain. Unfortunately however, there is considerable
evidence for this view.

2) Unfortunately, there are reports indicating that Federal Officials did
have that very specific kind of information (date, place, nature of attacks).

3) An FBI Agent said "It's terrible to know this, but it must have been allowed
to happen". There is considerable evidence however, that the full truth is
even more terrible! The reason some officials had fore-knowledge of the
attacks, is because they had planned them.

4) In some of the cases (the Military's accounts) the fact that the 9/11
commission is lying is simply obvious.

5) Another problem with the official story is that the initial damage to the West
Wing's facade (Pentagon) was far too minimal to have been caused by the
impact of a Boeing 757.

6) Photographs and eye-witnesses in the immediate aftermath failed to provide
unambiguous evidence of the remains of a Boeing 757.

Dr. Griffin gave a lecture at Madison, Wisconsin on April 18, 2005 that was
aired by C-span,
which was an excellent presentation of the facts around 9/11 and the questions
that they present about this most horrible event in our recent past. The lecture was
based on his new book "The New Pearl Harbor" and it was a very frank look
at the US Foreign Policy of the past several decades, shedding new light on
the hidden motivations of our elected officials in regards to empire building.

His presentation was very well thought out and is irrefutable. It was personally
shocking to me that this mind-set has existed for as long as it has.

This is information that is essential for every American citizen to be aware of.
Please forward this site to all who want to know the truth. The lecture in it's
entirety can be found at:

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