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U.S. Holding Journalists Without Charge in Iraq

The Rumsfeld war on journalism continues. Story from Democracy Now.
DOGSPOT #1 documented the beginning of this shameful legacy.
"...the US military has admitted that US and Iraqi forces are holding without charge nine Iraqi journalists working for international news organizations. The military says they are being held on suspicion of aiding resistance fighters."
Obviously, this is an international conspiracy
of journalists trying to bring us the truth about Iraq
"Some of them have been held for several months. The US military is believed to be holding two journalists for Agence France Press, though US officers could only confirm the detention of one, recently transferred to the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. Also among the imprisoned news workers is a cameraman working for CBS, who was wounded by US-led forces as he covered the aftermath of a bomb explosion in Mosul in April. CBS says he is being charged with QUOTE "being a danger to the coalition forces", according to CBS. He was transferred to Abu Ghraib on April 22. At least 17,000 Iraqis are currently detained by US and Iraqi forces, most of them without formal charges."

David Roknich,



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