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Take Back the Night 2005 in Santa Cruz

Take Back The Night marches are held internationally in all parts of the world.  Thursday, May 19th 2005 join together to raise awareness about violence against women and to reclaim the night as a safe space. 6 PM rally at Baytree Plaza on UCSC Campus.
takebackthenight05fin.mp3 (8192 k)
Listen to an interview with three of the organizers from this year's TBTN event.

Take Back the Night is an international rally and march that is organized in local communities with the purpose of unifying women, men, and children in an awareness of violence against women, children and families. The event is a collaboration of community and campus and other interested persons who are ready to take a stand against violence and make the night safe for everyone.

Women are often told to be extra careful and take precautions when going out at night.   In some parts of the world, even today, women are not allowed out at night. So when women struggle for freedom, we must start at the beginning by fighting for freedom of movement, which we have not had and do not now have.  We must recognize that freedom of movement is a precondition for anything else.  It comes before freedom of speech in importance because without it freedom of speech cannot in fact exist.
Although the march emphasizes that violence against women occurs at all times, we are particularly concerned about violence at night.
Thursday, May 19th at 6 PM: Take Back The Night Rally and March starting from Baytree Plaza 9the bookstore) on UCSC campus.

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Re: Take Back the Night 2005 in Santa Cruz

Jackie (0:50) -- Jackie invites us to get involved with Take Back The Night.

Audio mp3:

This audio is from the Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) Rally on 5/13

Re: Take Back the Night 2005 in Santa Cruz

danielsan posted some photos and a report back of the event:

I've also tossed in a few photos w/ captions:

Re: Take Back the Night 2005 in Santa Cruz

Rapists are the shock troops of patriarchy and woman batterers are the occupying forces. This is how most of the worlds men control women—by brute force.

"Domestic violence" is a term that avoids calling it MALE violence against women.

The number one "health" problem of women is the US is being beaten by men, according to the US surgeon general.

In her book "Cunt" Inga Muscio suggest women vigilantes publically shaming rapists where they live and in other creative ways, such as dumping rotting fish in their cars etc.

I think the words "rapist" and "woman beater" should be tatooed on the faces of these scum so everyone knows who they are and so they cant hide and blend in with the increasing numbers of decent men who dont rape and batter women.


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