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Bankers Embrace "Golden Skeleton" Mascot

Announcement of a new Dow computer program that puts a precise financial value on human life.


Two weeks ago at a London banking conference to which they had accidentally been invited, two "Dow representatives" described a new Dow computer program that puts a precise financial value on human life.

The 70 bankers in attendance enthusiastically applauded the lecture, which described various industrial crimes, including IBM's sale of technology to the Nazis for use in identifying Jews, as "golden skeletons in the closet"--i.e. lucrative and therefore acceptable.

Several of the bankers then posed for photos with "Dow Acceptable Risk" mascot "Gilda, the Golden Skeleton," and signed up for licenses for the "Acceptable Risk Calculator," which helps businesses determine the exact point where human casualties will start to cut into profit, and suggests the best regions on earth to locate ventures with potentially very high death tolls.

See for video and photos of the event, and to try out the "Acceptable Risk Calculator" for yourself.

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Re: Bankers Embrace "Golden Skeleton" Mascot

Is there any doubt that the world is run by psychopaths? A psychopath has no remorse, no empathy and doesnt care about anything except himself.

We are their cattle. Psychopaths run the so-called "pro-life" (mandatory pregnancy) movement which denys women reproductive rights. The "right to life" warranty expires after 9 months. Its "OK" to kill18 year old ex-fetuses in war since theres plenty more where they came from since most of the worlds women are not allowed to use birth control or get an abortion.

The job of women is to manufacture soldiers so men can kill them.


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