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Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping are coming!

Thursday June 2, the world famous church of anti-corporate-consumer-craze will be back in Santa Cruz with performances at UCSC and at a local union-busting behemoth. They will be singing down goliath, they may face the fierce fires of starbucks.

The schedule for June 2nd is
4-6 Performance / Talk at UCSU Media Theater
6-8 Possible Retail intervention at a local Chain Store
8-10 Performance followed by a THURSDAY NIGHT Guerrilla Bike-in Movie Showing of "Night of the Iguana" downtown (location TBA)
"Reverend Billy's SHOPOCALYPSE TOUR rolls into Northern California June 1 thru 5.

Two buses of anti-consumerist gospel singers are warning Cali residents that the Shopocalypse is at hand, when the Chosen will be Lifted by the Shopture into the Endless Fatal White Sale. Our only defense against Un-asked-for Convenience???
Here it is: "Put the ODD back in GOD!"

The Tour Goes to Just 3 cities: SF, Oakland and SANTA CRUZ!

June 2 - Santa Cruz, UC Media Film Center 4 PM
June 3 - Oakland and Richmond Wal Mart parking lots
June 4 - Victoria Theater SF, 8 PM, with the 35-voice choir
June 5 - Victoria Theater SF, 8 PM, the "Shopocalypse Revival"
June 7 - Reading at City Lights Books, "WHAT SHOULD I DO IF REVEREND BILLY IS IN MY STORE?"

Save your sinning soul and buy our CD at

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Re: Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping are coming!


Brother Billy, brothers and sister, I must confess that I've been a backsliding sinner and have been giving in to my lustful and carnal desires to SHOP! I need Deliverance, Rev. Billy, and soon!


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