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Youth and Power in Watsonville (part 1 of 4)

On May 27, the fourth annual Youth and Power event took place at the Veterans Memorial Building in Watsonville. The theme was "Youth Empowerment Through Art, Education, and Music." About three hundred people, mostly teenagers, enjoyed an evening of music, dancing and great food!
SC-IMC and FRSC shared a table. As the night went on, people contributed zines and flyers to the table; indymedia in action. The info included, and
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Aztec Whitehawk Dancers
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Aztec Whitehawk Dancers
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Fernando Suarez del Solar
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Great Photos

Thanks again, Bradley, indymedia, and free radio for covering an event that would otherwise have come and gone.

Re: Youth and Power in Watsonville (part 1 of 4)

Just for you info Robert, this event will never just come and go. It was about planting seeds of consciousness and revolution in the minds of our young people of Watsonville.I think we accomplished that. Events like ours rarely get attention of the local mainstream press, but let the growers put on some drunkfest like the Stawberry Festivel and the press is all over it. No big deal, because our work continues. Thanks Indymedia for covering Youth and Power and thanks to the Watsonville Brown Berets for all the work you do in this community.

Re: Youth and Power in Watsonville (part 1 of 4)

Youth and Power is a model...a model for anyone who wants to contribute something positive and revolutionary in their community. Get food donated...put your friends on stage...shout out to local a DJ...invite local radical and community orgs to table. Ask your friends to volunteer...make some flyers and YOU'VE GOT YOUTH AND POWER! No fear...ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Fuck the system, we can do it better for ourselves.

Re: Youth and Power in Watsonville (part 1 of 4)

That's right revochick! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! I have to say, Youth and Power rocked and more so, the Brown Berets kick ass! As the sister said, any one can put together an event like this, and the truth is we have to for the youth otherwise yes, more drunkenfests, gang life, capitalism, oppression, and military recruiters will keep preying on the youth. for anyone interested in working with the Brown Berets, there is a chapter in Watsonville and a new chapter forming in santa cruz. both have weekly meetings and on-going events, counter-recruitment campaigns, liberation school (watson), y mas. email brownberets (at) for more info.

Re: Youth and Power in Watsonville (part 1 of 4)

tomas one day my life will be complete


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