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The Houston Nazimedia (Houston Indymedia)

George Double You Push (Colombian Bush) in the USSA (since his teens) (This is the reason for his relation with Colombia) (FBI? They are part of it...)
George Double You Push (Colombian Bush) in the USSA

A couple of days back I found this article and I agree with it. It is

the meridian truth. I will actually expand it even a little more.

The Houston Nazimedia is the most reliable of all Nazimedias in the

USSA. They really represent the Nazimedia at it's full.

Nevertheless, they are not as proficient and reliable as their Fuhrer

George Double You Bush. He is the brains behind the Nazimedia of

Houston and behind all Nazimedias.

Sweden Indymedia?, Germany Indymedia?, Indonesia Indymedia?, Japan

Indymedia?, Nigeria Indymedia?, Mars Indymedia?, THAT'S BULLSHIT!!.

It's ALL in the hands of the USSA and their Fuhrer George Double You

Push (Colombian Bush) in the USSA. It is the NAZIMEDIA. Instead of

taking these OUTLAWS to jail for breaking the rules of journalism

hiding the articles that denounce their wrongdoings and tyranny, the F

BEE EYE keeps closing or creating problems for the branches of

Indymedia where journalism is properly carried out and where their

hidden atrocities and shameful actions are properly revealed and no

article is concealed.

The Independent Media Network does not exist anymore. It was replaced

by the Nazimedia, in the hands of the USSA and their Fuhrer.

My greetings to the Houston Nazimedia and to the Fuhrer of the USSA

George Double You Push (Colombian Bush) in the USSA.

Heil Bush!!!
Heil Nazimedia!!!

Yours not sincerely:
Robert Fischer.

I had to leave the USSA. They really hate whoever is better than them

in whatever. It is a shame to find that the Japanese know how to treat

the best Chess Grandmaster on Earth better than they do...

N-KB3 P-Q3
P-Q4 PxP
B-K3 BN2
P-B3 O-O
etc, etc, then
PQ7 R-Q1

Larsen will YOU...DO NOT FIGHT A LOSING will

only make an asshole of and all the will

be badly exposed in the end (you are already being)...the man is

determined...(The Gods grind slowly, but their grinding results in very

fine powder...)
Chessmasters are trained in foreseeing 10 or 12 or 14 or 16 or whatever

moves in advance. It is what in Chess terms is called the "Tree of

Can you foresee more than 2 or 3 moves beforehand?...Dangerous FATAL with fire?....playing with the Devil, the Lord of

fire? are already in "zugzwang"...

Once again, did you ever hear a camel fart?....


Ooops! I forgot. Send some more Spyware and possibly viruses. I collect

them. Make sure you send the latest versions, something that neither

Norton, McAfee nor your filters can block. I'll FTP them to you on

Mother's Day, maybe Christmas. I am very busy at the moment. And keep

spywaring. You'll have to spyware some 2000 different computers. Enjoy



The USSA? I am not interested in the USSA. I prefer Japan. People are

very neurotic, mentally ill, nazi oriented, sexually ill, highly

complexed, inhuman, satanic, selfish and so forth in the USSA. The USSA

is a BIG MENTAL ASYLUM. There is something left of the USA. I miss the

USA. I prefer Japan to the USSA.


Give my regards to Clinton. That is what you call a PRESIDENT, with

capital letters. The best President you had, even better than Kennedy.

His charisma and human quality were just about to get peace in the

Middle East, as never seen before!!! So you've impeached him just

because he likes women? Had he liked men as you do, then you wouldn't

have impeached him at all, would you?


You tend to attack too soon. King's gambit, Center Counter, French, Ruy

Lopez do not have the power. They are fireworks. I prefer positional

games. I like Queen's Gambit and Sicilian Defences. They let you build

the power. When you gather the power, then you attack. I also like

beating the dog about the bush (George Double You Bush) with an

Alekhine...this is an Alekhine...get the knight IF YOU CAN....spyware



My greetings to the USA. No greetings for the USSA, the selfish people

thinking that everything must be Americam. That is NAZI. There are

Nazis in all Nationalities. Nazism destroyed the Planet. Do not be one

of them. Do not visit the Houston Nazimedia...If it is for the States,

then they publish it. If it is against the States, then they hide

it...what journalism is that?...How do I get informed then, How do I

get the news?...When the Planet commits atrocities, then they rush and

publish it. When the Americans do, then they make silence about

it...what kind of journalism is that?...everybody commits atrocities,

why shouldn't an American??? everybody makes mistakes, why shouldn't an

American???...what's so strange about it???...It is only HUMAN

NATURE!!...NAZIS everywhere have to learn that there is only one

Nationality: EVERYBODY, and this is not is the same human

being everywhere...all over the place...HUMAN NATURE all over the



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