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Zionist/Likudist Unholy "Jihad" Declared against Ray Dequenne

Gang Stalked/Terrorized by Likudists/Zionists in Pittsburgh Region Activist, Lecturer, Actor, Filmmaker Ray Duquesne is being criminally targetted and threatened with harm by fanatic, terrorist Likudists and Zionists in the Pittsburgh Region and East Coast. The police and FBI refuse to help, and have been documented to be involved in the harassment and terror campaign. Fire, ambulence and other city worker recruited as well "to send the message" and silence Ray.

*** Gang Stalking is also known as Group or multi-stalking. Its victims are known as Multiple Stalker Victims. It was used by the NAZI GERMANY GOVERNMENT, called then JEW BAITING. Its now being used in the USA according to the internet, most notoriously by fanatic, extremist Likudists/Zionists, who should know and act better, in order to silence and destroy their opposition.

"Gang stalking" got it's modern day start with the Ku Klux Klan, and has been perfected over intervening decades by groups who believe they have the right to enforce their particular rules on the rest of us. Gang stalking has developed into an extremely well designed set of harassment methods which can totally destroy the lives of gang stalking targets, while appearing to those around the target as simply the "normal breaks" of life.

More than that, people around the gang stalking target simply can't believe that anyone would harass someone, often for years, and often for life, where the target isn't a "special person". "Special person" meaning, a known criminal, a member of government intelligence, someone with connections to organized crime, or someone who is famous. The average citizen just doesn't accept that an ordinary person can become the target of around the clock crime and harassment for no visible reason.

But lack of understanding as to why gang stalking happens does not mean it's not happening. In 2001, gang stalking researcher David Lawson wrote a book titled "Terrorist Stalking in America" to describe his experiences as he researched the highly networked stalking gangs in the United States and Canada. Lawson's book appears to be the first book of this century to expose these brutal crimes.

THIS IS HAPPENING IN PITTSBURGH AND OTHER AREAS FOLKS!!! "[Some] firemen across the country, and even some police departments have a long history of supporting [stalking gangs.] Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming. They will also race to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers and utility company workers helps give [gang] members an illusion of legitimacy and power."

I am quoting from the book "Terrorist Stalking in America" by David Lawson, describing some of the day to day operations of networked stalking gangs in the United States and Canada

The book "Terrorist Stalking in America" places the blame for gang stalking on what the author calls "extremist groups". We who are in the current day gang stalking target community have, from time to time, seen evidence that local "extremist groups" appear to be normal, "upright" model citizens, and are responsible for at least some of our torture.

Photographed, Followed and terrorized

Here are some photos of some Zionist/Likudist agents following, gang stalking and videotaping me at a Palestinian Solidarity Conference at Duke University where i handed out some Ralph Nader material during october 2004. they only took photos and video of me, NOT THE PALESTINIANS OR THE JEWISH PROTESTORS!!!!

when i came up to them to take another picture, they turned the camera away from me so as not to look so obvious at their activity, but i still caight them in the first photo!!!!! look at the mean look the guy is giving me!!!!!!!!

More harassment and Gang Stalking

here is the photos of some of our harassers who threaten and terrorize us.

here is a black fellow who follows us around. the police refuse to help us. As a matter of fact, they ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. As a matter of fact, they often help the perps stalk and terrorize us. A Coalition of criminals with badges and criminals without badges, being used to silence activists.

here is his license number rsc 7766. here he is following my girlfriend as she runs away.

here is a jewish woman who was part of a larger gang of stalkers on this day who is affiliated with the ADL.

here is a closeup.

here is the vehicle she drove with Pennsylvania license number. Use your photo image software to enlarge license plate.

gang-stalking is a terrorist activity that is an adl specialty. we have become used to it over the last 2 years of terror by the adl against us.

all for political activity that i did on behalf of ralph nader, palestinians, peace loving jews and others.

These creatures have even entered illegally numerous times into my home, apartments and placed illegal covert mini wireless cameras in me and my girlfriend's bathroom and bedroom and have hundreds of hours of us crapping, pissing, having sex, etc etc!!!! They go around showing this to huge numbers of fellow Likudists/Zionists in the Jewish community, as well as criminals, police, fire and ambulence workers, city workers, and use it as a recruiting tool to get these types to participate in gang stalking us.

GANG STALKING: According to the internet, many innocent civillians are being stalked and tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, primarily in the USA, Uk, and Canada, and other North America places, and Europe too. It is basically described as a mob, locals from all backgrouds and vocations, including some in the police and fire departments, who use MOVING VEHICULAR AND FOOT SURVIELLANCE to secretly harass, threaten, and sometimes attempt a KILL using “hitmen� truck drivers. Some government officials are rumored to be involved because the federal government offers no help either - according to many cases found on the internet.


here are some other victims/activists who are gangstalked around the country:

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gang (ga[ng]):
A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit.

stalk (stĂ´k):
To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement.

gang stalking:
A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit to follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement. Also known as 'cause stalking' or 'vengeance stalking'.

Gang stalking involves the use of multiple individuals to stalk, harass and taunt a victim, as well as to vandalize personal property. According to victims, this takes place for many years. It appears that once a person is targeted, they are often targeted for life. This topic is covered in the following book review of David Lawson's book: Terrorist Stalking in America.

Techniques of psychological warfare are used against the target in a methodical and well orchestrated attack that often leaves the target a victim of ridicule among his friends and family because this occurrence is so hard to believe. However, it does occur, and the number of targets are increasing to the point that they can network with one another and find out that the same tactics are used everywhere. These tactics, also used in ritual abuse, are intended to weaken the target to the point of physical and psychological collapse.

The reasons why a person is initially targeted can vary. Sometimes the person may be a political activist. Others may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Corporations apparently have even been known to hire these stalking groups to silence people who were once in their employ. Many times these stalking gangs may be lied to about the target, thinking that perhaps the person is a deviant who needs to be driven out of town. The reasons are only limited to the imagination. In some cases, according to Lawson, the person has done nothing wrong but is used as a practice target or as an example to others in the group to show what will happen to them if they 'defect'. This serves to keep the members of these stalking groups tied to the group through intense fear of becoming a target. It is such a terrifying prospect because the gang members are intimately aware that the lives of the targets are utterly destroyed.

Many people ask, "Why would anyone engage in this kind of activity?". The psychology behind it is at least, in part, that it is a form of revenge. It may be that physically harming a person is considered too extreme or too risky by the perpetrators. In fact, psychological harm may be a far more effective form of revenge. It can destroy a person's life while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

There are added reasons that this goes on, for not every participant in the harassment will know why a person has been targeted, nor will the vast majority have any personal stake in harassing the victim. Clearly from the expressions on the faces of the perpetrators who come face-to-face with their targets, there is a vicious kind of pleasure that they derive from bullying their victim. They like the feeling of being "in control". Like any form of abusive or controlling behavior, this is an addiction that needs to be fed, so victims can remain targets for their entire lives. If they did not, then the numbers of fresh victims needed to fill the perpetrator's addictions would potentially attract too much attention. None-the-less, the numbers of targeted individuals is increasing. Such is the nature of the bottomless pit within them that thirsts, evermore, for greater and greater thrills. To the perpetrators, their targets are merely their prey, in a game that never ends. But make no mistake, whatever the reasoning behind it, this is a hate crime.


The types of activities which take place are often subtle, and sometimes cannot be distinguished from normal everyday things that go wrong. In the case of a target, however, there are certain behaviors that are not normal or everyday in nature. It is the anomalous activities that let a target know they are being stalked. It is a psychological reign of terror intended to make a victim look crazy and intended to keep him or her in a constant state of anxiety and stress as to "what will happen next".


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Matt--this is the article that is clearly anti-semitic

My original post, before it was deleted, and this original article allowed to stay up, points out that the author compares (without giving any example as to why the comparison is valid) the Jews to the Nazis and the KKK. I went to this guys website. The comments posted by people there said that this guy is a mental case.

But of course, only MY comment is deleted.
Here is my completely within the guidelines comments on the above article.

Let's see--Jews are like Nazis and the KKK for what???
12 Jun 2005

by Becky Johnson
After a long pre-amble where the author generically compares Jews to Nazis AND the KKK, he finally reveals his evidence of what he calls "gang-stalking."

1st Charge:

"..... are some photos of some Zionist/Likudist agents following, .... and videotaping me"

So some people videotaped him in a public place?
Kids... this is a LEGAL activity. Get used to it.
If you want to insure that you are never videotaped, don't go out in public!!

Note his "proof" of the stalking (unknown parties taking photos of the author) are photos taken of the "stalker!" If photographing someone is wrong then why is the author doing it?


"These creatures have even entered illegally numerous times into my home, apartments and placed illegal covert mini wireless cameras in me and my girlfriend's bathroom and bedroom and have hundreds of hours of us crapping, pissing, having sex, etc etc!!!! They go around showing this to huge numbers of fellow Likudists/Zionists in the Jewish community, as well as criminals, police, fire and ambulence workers, city workers, and use it as a recruiting tool to get these types to participate in gang stalking us."

BECKY: Okay. That sounds like a crime to me. So why hasn't the author filed charges against the tresspassers and voyeurs? Why come in here and complain? Unless its not true. Or the author doesn't really know who did it.

So he has no real evidence of any victimization and no real knowledge of who his perpetrators are except.....they are Jews who are just like the Nazis and the KKK.

Can you guys actually recognize an anti-semitic article when you see one?

Becky and Ray are both mentally ill.

Actually, Becky, if you'd bother to read it, you'd notice that the author does NOT compare Jews to Nazis and/or KKK.

He doesn't compare ANYONE to Nazis or the KKK. He simply alleges (without proof) that this sort of behavior was a tactic employed by those groups. He then claims (with the only "proof" being his highly-questionable testimony) that "Likudists/Zionists" are also engaging in this activity.

And for as much as the author seems to be mentally ill, he doesn't seem to be a racist (at least, based upon this article). He makes a clear distinction within his rambling, paranoid story between Jews and "Likudists/Zionists." His bias, whether reasonable or not, thus seems to be against persons who hold certain political views, rather than their religious beliefs or their ethnic heritage.

But I'm not surprised that you'd make such an obvious mistake, because you're unable to distinguish the difference between "Jews" and "Zionists." Of course, in making that mistake, you immediately started barking out charges that someone was a racist. And I'm sure that you will stick to that claim regardless of ANY amount of information to the contrary.

Interestingly, Ray also makes a comment about "a black fellow who follows us around," yet you don't claim that he's racist in that way, but only that he's "anti-semitic." Why is that, Becky?

Becky Johnson: Agent for Racist Groups

Let's clarify one of the ugly ways in which Becky Johnson's mental illness manifests itself.

Becky Johnson is the official representative for this area (Santa Cruz) for a group called DAFKA. On DAFKA's general info page, they state "Let’s face it... the Arabs are simply too primitive to make any viable lasting peace and until they adopt democratic principles and adhere to laws against violence as in any civilized society there can be no secure peace with them."

Becky Johnson and her co-conspirator/lover, Lee Kaplan, believe that they are under attack from "Islamic Arab Fascists" and are defending themselves/Israel in the "Oslo War... against the world’s attempt to dismantle the Jewish State."

Dallas/Fort Worth Gang Stalkers

See my Website on Dallas Fort Worth GangStalking
and Covert Operations.
Many Excellant links and photos
of those after my family.


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