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Disorientation is a good brainwashing technique.
Sleep Deprivation

Has anyone tried creating a false day/night cycle? If you put a prisoner in a windowless room where no natural light can reach, even under the door, and turn the lights on and off in a cycle other than 24 hours, I would expect that it would be helpful in breaking the spirit and the connection to reality. A "day" of 12 hours followed by a "night" of 4, for instance, with meals delivered on a schedule consistent with he light/dark cycle, could persuade the trainee that three days have passed when only two have gone by in the outside world.

A calendar, kept in the prisoner's room and marked "daily", and requiring the prisoner to do prayers at the wrong time, would add to the illusion of days passing in normal succession.

Just imagine the confusion a sand nigger might experience on emerging to discover that the two weeks he contracted for have not actually passed, that he still has several real-world days to go!

Done properly, this disorientation and sleep deprivation helps break down most people's resistance -- or drive them crazy.

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