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Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

This was originally posted as a comment to another thread.
The House of Reps is scheduled to vote on the
Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment on Tuesday June 14, 2005.

Call your rep Sam Farr at 831-429-1976 to indicate your support for this amendment.

This amendment would bar the feds from spending money to arrest people who are using medical MJ in those states that have legalized medical MJ. Or visit .

(For other ways to take action in support of medical marijuana, see NORML's legislative page

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Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

Don't kid yourself. The feds have demonstrated time and again their overhwelming hostility to marijuana, even when it leads them to complete disregard of individual or "state's" rights.

Don't kid yourself. This law will change nothing. It's only more busy work to divert, entertain, and exhaust us.

Don't kid yourself. The system doesn't work. It is rotten to the core. I don't know what to do, but this doesn't work. It hasn't worked. It won't work.

Growers, professional and private, will still be raided.

Crops will still be destroyed, charges STILL NOT filed, and property still "forfeitted" and sold at auction.

Users, medical or recreational, will still be jailed and fined.

We passed Prop 215 10 years ago. They ignored it, and wormed their way around it. We've been passing re-incarnations of it ever since. They've slimed their way around every last one.

It's time for real change, not safe feel-good placebo activitism.

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

Okay.... Ms./Mr. Know-it-all.

Let's hear your plan. And while you're at it, please let me know how you plan to implement it and who you're working with on it.

Until then, *I'M* going to support this rather than just sit around thinking about how "this doesn't work." A simple phone call isn't too much "busy work" for me.

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

typical you must twist constructive critisism and attack it instead of embracing different points of view. why are you afraid of your own weakness? it is a fact and fear does not help you. strength is found by admitting weakness. do not kill the messenger! we need a SOLUTION to this problem do you have one? do not run away from it again, this we must stop.

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

I truly do not understand why there is so much controversy within the same movement. If we are all aiming at the same endpoint, why don't we form alliances and learn from each other's experiences. It is hard to take criticism posed by the Anonymous person when there are no provided solutions. Some people are working toward change, and you should acknowledge that. There is work going on.

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

how is it working for change to be repeating the same safe comfortable mistakes over and over? that is not change. that is reincarnation without growth, and failure. peoplewho say "give us solution or shut up" prove they are working from a position of fear and helplessness not grounded in their center(heart chakra). to work for change you must first bring change in yourself. namaste

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

You are emitting meaningless babble, Anon. I hope it is entertaining for you because it otherwise serves no useful purpose.

Re: Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

why do you hate so? why lash out at what you do not understand? I offer constructive ctriticism of methods and do not attack or judge others as you are doing to me. that is not fair. please stop. I recommend you find your center and you will see(remember) peace. we all desire peace. namaste


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