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Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

Protest the biased war coverage from the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper Friday June 17th, 12-2pm. Call for the TRUTH!
It is time to take our message to the media itself!

Join us on Friday, June 17th, for a rally and vigil at the offices of the Santa Cruz Sentinel
207 Church Street, across from the public library
Noon-2 pm

It is time for the American people to see and hear rthe truth about Iraq! The sterilized images and government controlled information must stop. The media must begin to show the photos and write the stories about what is really happening to Americans and Iraqis alike!

Dress creatively! Bring drums, signs, flags, flowers, instraments, and friends!

Stop the lies and misinformation!

Sponsored by: The Santa Cruz Peace Coalition, Code Pink SC, WILPF of SC, Vets for Peace SC, Media Watch, Green Party of SC, The Coalition fo Impeachment Now!, Art and Revolution of SC

Info 831-459-7259

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Pre-Protest Fact Sheet?

Much as I detest the Scent-Anal, as I've jovially termed it in the past, I'd encourage protest planners to list a summary of recent Sentinel lies and misinformation to educate the unwary.

I support this protest.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

They just cant handle the truth and are scared of it.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

Oh sorry I meant the protestors not the media

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

The protestors just wanna gripe about somthing and they dont know anyting close to the truth. Have they been there, have they seen what goes on in Iraq. I have and let me tell you great things are happening there.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

anyone have any good corporate swine style pics relating to The Sentinel?

great things?

They're only great for sick fucks who want to justify getting paid for terrorizing people in their own country and setting up a police state. any soldier operating in a foreign land IS BY DEFINITION A TERRORIST.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

LOL very funny look up the definiton of terrorist. You will see that ALF and ELF fit the definition. An soldiers are not terrorists no matter were our goverment sends us. We do great things but you would have to leave Santa Cruz too see that.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

"Have they been there, have they seen what goes on in Iraq. I have and let me tell you great things are happening there."

Now this guy has been seriously reading the Scent-anal if this is what he believes. What's truly sad s/he won't even identify themselves prefering to hide in anoniminity where its easy to make bogus BS claims about how well this illegal war and occupation is going. Maybe if you really even exist and you're not just another troll out to spread misinformation on our media center you'll have the guts to show up Friday and argue your case in person. Defend the Scent-anal if you think its such a great paper because obviously a lot of us don't think its doing such a great job, or any of the other media for that matter.


Just read between the lines,

Past Instances of Sentinel Distortion or Omission?

Have the supporting groups for this protest prepared some examples of Sentinel misreporting? If so, can they post them on this website? I'll try to provide some anti-homeless stuff (though much of it is by omission).

Protest the "Santa Cruz" Sentinel's "Local Coverage" as well....

Click on image for a larger version

The paper has the nerve to call itself the SANTA CRUZ Sentinel, yet the local coverage is very bias to serve those with the most money and power.

June 13 was the first day of the Coalition of University Employees (CUE) stike against the University of California. This is a very important stike for all of SANTA CRUZ, yet coverage of the strike did not even make it to the front page of the "Santa Cruz" Sentinel. Instead, the Sentinel's headline was, "City takes aim at rowdy, off-campus parties." And, to be sure to mimic U$A Today, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury, and everyother corporte media outlet.... the "Santa Cruz" Sentinel had a front page article called, "What now for Jackson?."

I don't remember where i heard this..... but...

We live in a world where news passes as entertainment and entertainment passes as news.

UC Clericals Stage Three Day Strike

Corporate media is a disease, Indymedia is a cure.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

The last time a protest like this was organized in front of the Sentinel, was to protest their biased reporting about Mumia Abu-Jamal. They often referred to Mumia as a cop killer. Durring the protest, the Editor Tom Honig came out and spoke to us. That occurred in part because we had previously asked him to meet with us. Later, I managed to publish an op-ed asking that Mumia be set free, in part based on the new evidence that Arnold Beverly was the person who shot Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. That op-ed ran opposite a cartoon that lampooned Santa Cruz activists who were supporting Mumia. I guess they just couldn't come up with more than a few sentences to justify their position. Given enough time and enough words, the "fry Mumia" camp can be shown to be missing major pieces of the puzzle.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

As a working stiff (9-5) I'll be there in Spirit!!!!
Yeah it's about time the Screw-us-all got it's come uppance!!!!

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

we chose the Sentinel offices for the rally site because they are our local media, and because their coverage and editorial bias have been quite dismal! - BUT, this event is directed to all the major media and their failure to show us and tell us the truth!!

perhaps we will march to the corner of Pacific and Lincoln Avenues as well, where the SJ Mercury News has its local office!

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

The protest went well, with about 25 people in attendance. One of the TV reporters showed up as well as some newspaper reporters and other media. One of the main points that was made was that the media has refrained from publishing some of the gorier pictures of people maimed in Iraq. One of the workers at the Sentinel pointed out that people have actually cancelled their subscriptions when some of those very pictures were published on the front page, such as the contractors who were burned and hung from a bridge.

Anticipating the other literature that the protesters were handing out about how the US media has under-reported the story about the Downing Street Memos, Friday's (June 17th) Sentinel had an article on page A-9 about the Downing Street Memos and the resulting fallout in the US Congress. The significance of the Downing Street Memos was first reported by the London Times on 5/1/05. The doccuments outline the fact that the Bush administration had intended to attack Iraq much earlier than previously proved, and that Bush distorted intelligence about Iraq to fit his War agenda. Congress-people are now organizing into coalitions to call for the US to get out of Iraq. For more info, check out:

(Norman Solomon on Iran)


USA today had a front page headline a few days ago proclaiming that 59% of the people in the US want some form of troop withdrawl from Iraq.

Re: Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

any pics of the rally?


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