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U.S. government supports anti-gay policy to mandate pregnancy

The US government mandates pregnancy at the expense of gays and lesbians right to marry
In the June 17 Sentinel is an article "Federal judge backs gay marriage ban."

U.S. district Judge Gary Taylor said a 1996 law recognizing only the union of a man and a woman as marriage does not violate the U.S Constitution.

In uphlding the Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress and ***signed into law by President Bill Clinton***, Judge Taylor said even though the law "has a disproportionate effect on homosexual individuals, the government's desire to promote procreation is a valid reason for infringing on the rights of gay couples.

The govt also regards infringing on the rights of women to promote procreation and to use women as its factory farm.

The US govt needs more bodies for consumers and cheap labor and to fight its wars so dont get an abortion. The state wants to appropriate your ex-fetus when its 18 years old and reserves the right to send it to war for use as a gun-toting, biological automatic weapon.

Also, if women had full reproductive rights, there would be a shortage of hired killers (armies) and rapists.

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