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Peace Activists Denounce Corporate Media's War Coverage

About two dozen peace activists gathered at noon on Friday, June 17 outside the downtown offices of the Santa Cruz Sentinel to protest the paper's biased war coverage. The Raging Grannies sang a few tunes, and Sentinel editor, Len Labarth came out for a brief dialogue, organizers said. After an hour, the protesters made their way to the Pacific Ave. office of the San Jose Mercury News. I came upon the scene here, and spoke to a few of the activists, a local reporter, and someone just passing by.
061705_sherry.mp3 (4289 k)
Longtime Santa Cruz activist, Sherry Conable.

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SJ Mercury News Reporter Answers Questions

Ken McLAughlin, local beat reporter for San Jose Mercury News agreed to answer a few questions about the paper's war coverage.
061705_ken_mclaughlin.mp3 (3063 k)
Ken McLaughlin

Louis La Fortune

Green Party organizer, Louis La Fortune.
061705_louislafortune.mp3 (5236 k)
Louis La Fortune


Creepy, a 19 yeear-old passer-by.
061705_creepy.mp3 (1004 k)


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