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City using alcoholics as park workers

Everyday sight seeing in Finland shows us a bit different view, that reading Washington Post stories about us.

Finland – Summer is here again. And like any summer, what would be a hot summer without alcoholics passing out at the city parks. This summer is definitely not an exception in Finland.

Today I was returning my friends vehicle from car service - since I wanted to give her a helping hand for being such a good friend- and while I was parking her car next to City Park I simply could not believe, what I saw. Here they were three men and a woman looking like alcoholics, behaving like one, and one even having his usual swing in front of all people. Great!

I saw again something for a reason not to pay taxes to Socialist Finland; if these people hire alcoholics to Helsinki and around Communities just the keep the park clean, and the only thing keeping police from arresting these people from other dunk addicts taking their swing at the park is a yellow work waist, then I have had enough.

At the same time we have men in fit for work, but socialist government has marked us as unsuitable for Socialist Finland purpose, so we are unemployed. This really pisses me off – seeing someone taking a swing and getting paid for it, while I have to seek my living as a small businessman and usually I fail because of Socialist Government Officials.

Simply say NO to Socialist Finland, that has got afford to hire alcoholics, but do not want to hire competent businessmen.

Besides, our government even made their own software house – Socialist Finland Governmental Software for European Markets style-, so they could compete on abroad. There people really have gone too far with their socialism.

Since I lost even my heritance in the hands of Socialist Finland Legal system and Police I no longer care, even you would make some Finns vanish abroad – I think I have seen enough and Finns have never asked questions behind lost on abroad cases: No more Socialism, no more communism, not a single day more seeing some commie taking a swing on tax money, and myself seeing hunger as an honest businessman. More piece of a miserable shit you are in Finland, the better Finns like to take care of you.

And if any of my friends ever read this article I just want to say you “when city or state rather hires a drunk addicts that normal persons, than I have seen everything I need to know?. This State is rotten.

If they have got afford to hire four drunk addicts, then I suppose they did not had any money to hire Tampere University of Technology Information Manager any more? What do you say ‘old pal’ from MIT, who so eagerly give comments on BBC’s Clink On Line. Do you like, what I saw? Now is your change to comment on this. (Ps. The unofficial beating lecture is still on for you at my place?)

No more Finland! This nation screws things up! Say no to Finland!

God We Trust!

Åke Tyvi

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