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July 6-8: West Coast Anti-Capitalist Convergence and March (July 8) against the G8

Take the Streets and Resist the Capitalist War Machine on July 8! Call for the West Coast anti-war and anti-capitalist mass convergence, July 6-8 of 2005 in San Francisco, in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Scotland.
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All Empires Must Fall!
West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization Against the G8
July 6-8, San Francisco

Call for a West Coast anti-war and anti-capitalist mass convergence, July 6-8 of 2005 in San Francisco, in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Scotland. July 8 is the day of the March.

Convergence Schedule:

June 25: Organizing Consulta—1 pm; Center for Political Education (522 Valencia St.)
March Against War & Empire—7 pm; Lytton Plaza, Downtown Palo Alto.

July 6: Informational Forum—Reports from the anti-G8 mass mobilization in Scotland, working sessions for Anarchist organizing strategies and for upcoming actions such as BorderHack 05 and anti-Minutemen efforts, the PG&E Power Plant, and the MUNI Social Strike.
Film Screening—“Fourth World War? and two short satirical film clips.
6 pm; The Kitchen (225 Portrero Ave. @ 16th).

July 7: Spokescouncil at 7 pm, Village Market (18th St. & Florida).

July 8: Take to the streets in protest and action against the G8 & the Capitalist War Machine!
Meet at 8 pm. 16th St. & Mission (BART stop plaza).

From July 6-8, 2005, the annual G8 summit will be held at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. The G8 is a forum of the rulers of the eight most industrialized, wealthy, and powerful states in the world. Every year they meet to discuss how to further their interests, expand their empire, and tighten their grip on every aspect of our lives. The consequences affect us all, and their economic success comes at our expense. The G8 exists to manage and maintain a system whose impacts we see all around us: war, genocide, wage slavery, mass poverty, structural racism, famine, environmental destruction, colonial domination in Africa, Asia, & Latin America, social alienation, and accelerating attacks on working people around the world.

But resistance is growing across the globe, in struggles as diverse as they are numerous. And in recent years, everywhere the G8 has met huge movements of people have confronted them, both demanding systemic change and fighting for a global social revolution. In recognition of the call to action by Peoples' Global Action ( for Global Days of Action to be held against the G8, we are mobilizing for a regional convergence here in San Francisco. We are calling on everyone ready to fight for a better world - workers, students, revolutionaries, anti-capitalists... - from across the North American West Coast to converge and manifest their resistance on the streets. A Mid-West regional convergence is being called for in Kansas City (check out:, and East Coast in Richmond, Virginia.

Our convergence will be in solidarity with those descending upon the streets of Scotland to face the G8 head on. We act in solidarity with revolutionaries taking to the streets to defend working peoples' lives all around the world: the struggle against neoliberal privatization in Bolivia; against transit fare increases in Brazil, Chicago, and San Francisco; against the Minutemen along the border; and against the PG&E power plant in Hunter's Point and environmental destruction.

Global capital will show the full force of its domestic military capabilities in Scotland - we can confront these summits on our own terms, and this mobilization is a step in that direction.

Capitalism is everywhere, but so are we - we will converge in our city and fight it on our own terms!

anarchistaction (at)

Free Housing will be available.
For information and arrangements, contact: G8housing (at)

Continental Listserve: anarchistaction-americas (at)

Anarchist Action Bay Area Annoucement List:
anarchistaction-announc (at)
Take the Streets!

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Re: July 6-8: West Coast Anti-Capitalist Convergence and March (July 8) against the G8

How many of these anti-capitalists have jobs that pay them MONEY (aka capital) while they lend support to capitalism with their daily labor?

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Anti-capitalists who work regular jobs, are total hypocrites. Dont feed me your lame excuses. Quit your job, or shut your trap.

Re: July 6-8: West Coast Anti-Capitalist Convergence and March (July 8) against the G8

I did quit my regular job to try to go into business for myself, but I ran into a little problem. It is called lack of capital. You see, as it turns out you
can't eat or sleep if you don't have capital. For the next few months I will be working a regular job at least until I sell my house (raise capital) so I can live independently for awhile and advertise That may be yet another capitalist enterprise, but one of its goals is to oppose the major force of the capitalist Internet, Google, and other affiliate programs, that attempt to stiffle free speech among those who would try to make a living from their various programs. They often don't allow you to make money with their programs if you criticize others or if you criticize the parent company running the program, or if you promote "illegal activity" --- which most people would agree with --- you don't want to promote gambling or bomb making for example. But keep in mind that that same policy, if applied uniformly, would also exclude those who promote not-so-bad-"illegal"-activities such as Free Radio Santa Cruz. So there needs to be a counterforce, however small, to work in opposition to these trends. If I am successful, that would be where fits in.


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