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Announcement :: Peace & War

26,000 dead, wounded, deserted - TIME FOR ACTION NOW

with the total number of soldiers dead, wounded and who deserted standing at over 26,000... and with over 150,000 iraqis dead... and with wars appraoching in Iran, Syria and North Korea, we can no longer afford to go on with life as "normal" and must now collectively and peacefully intervene into history.
American corpses hang from lampposts of the city of al-Qa’im in Iraq as US aircraft blast the city with indiscriminate rockets and cluster bombs. Several mosques, full of worshippers, now no longer exist... vaporized in an instant. Over 100 wrecked vehicles of all types litter the streets, as wild dogs gnaw apart the scores of bodies of dead americans who were killed in the previous night's fighting. standing at the edge of the city, reporters stated that they could hear nothing but the sound of rockets and container bombs as they blasted into al-Qa’im, met by the defiant chanting of prayers of encouragement from the minarets of mosques in the beleaguered city. TOTAL INSANITY REIGNS.

and not just here. all over iraq. the real totals of casualties and desertions is kept from us by our government. All in the space of 2 years. It took Vietnam several more years before it reached this level of horror. This, however, is not all.

Plans are quickly materializing for further attacks and wars upon Syria, Iran and North Korea. North Korea is no more threat to America than Norway or Scotland might be, but the medium-range Scud-class missiles it produces for Iran are perceived as a threat to the Jewish State in Palestine. Invasions of Iran and Syria will prompt retaliations by those countries on Israel and American forces in Iraq and Israel. It may probably also prompt the invasion of the Middle East by large numbers of troops from China and Russia, seeking to abide by mutual defence treaties with their attacked allies. US And Russian Military Special Forces have recently Completed Training for Takeover of Israel's Nuclear Complex and Weapons in preparation for the retaliatory attack on Israel by Iran and Syria.... Throw into the mix the extreme likelihood of civil war and the breakdown of civilized society in the Zionist State, and you have the ingrediants for disaster to humanity.

Which all leads us, by our inaction to the growing reality of a Military Coup in this country, under emergency conditions. (I would not be surprised if next week's Speech to the nation by President Bush mentions the possibility of a Draft.) The military is getting slaughtered over in Iraq, and with the death grip that the Zionist and Neocon cabals have over the affairs of this nation, such an action by the military may be a reflexive one, and its only means of throwing off the criminal Ziocon yoke. Their policies and mismanagement are heading this nation towards an economic 9-11. Gas will soon be very dear.

This past year, near one half million people peacably gathered in New York City to protest just the Iraq War. Now the stakes are extremely higher.

It is time for EVERYBODY to get involved again. It is time to gather again for more peaceable marches, but on a much larger scale. It is time to bring to bear the tactics of Gandhi, in love.

Instead of one mass march on D.C. or new York, why not several mass marches on several different cities across the country? One in the East, one in the Midwest, and one on the West Coast? This cuts travel and cost, and may assure a larger turnout at each venue. Let each attendance be in the MILLIONS. Let each event last for several days if that is its natural course. What price job security? Say that to the inflated numbers at the gas pump a month or two from now. What is needed is Life Security. Averting a Worldwide Disaster Security.

Everyone participating should also pledge to end their paid subscriptions to any and all corporate mass media, who are parties to the current disasters befalling us. Let them prattle endlessly on about Michael jackson and wandering boy scouts, but not with our money, while we act to avert disaster and change history. Let this be the start of many other creative and powerful and peaceful ideas that people can think of and pledge to...

and let there be no antagonism to the military of this country. let this be an act of love and support towards this institution. The main reason for action is to save the lives of those in both the U.S. and iraqi miltaries, to stop a conscription, and to end the INSANITY that is enveloping the world. unfortunately, the police forces of this nation are firmly under Ziocon control, and will oppose our peaceful actions. So we need the support of our brethren in the military and we need them to know that we support them by ending the INSANITY. Believe that there are many in the ranks of the military who care about the soldiers under them, and who might resort to a Coup only as a last resort to protect them and the integrity of this nation. So let us proceed in this regard and show them that there might still be an alternative, and that we pay penance for our inaction that has led us to this precipice.

And no leaders. In this context no Abby Hoffman's or Timothy Leary's (Leary was CIA). This past year's march on New York is a good model.

And no Leaders. I mean in this context no Abby Hoffman's or Timothy Leary's (Leary was CIA). This past year's march on New York City is a good model.

This needs to be started NOW. It needs to be a 24/7 commitment. NOW. Start picking the Cities NOW. Start the grassroots organizing for this NOW. Draw the line in the sand NOW. Avert the Disaster and Suffering NOW.

On your marks. Get Set. GO!

For cripes sake……….

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