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This MONDAY Zapatista Update/ Schools for Chiapas (6/27)


Zapatista Update/ Schools for Chiapas
Monday, June 27, 2005
Louden Nelson Community Center
301 Center Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

INFO: 831-238-5290

Join returning delegates as they update our community on the most recent
happenings in Chiapas, Mexico. Members of the "Schools For Chiapas" solidarity
project will be in Santa Cruz on Monday night to share their most recent news
and experiences. They returned one week ago.

In Chiapas Mexico, Zapatista officials and forces have left civilian centers,
moved into defensive positions and initiated a series of the direct-democracy
community assemblies for which the Mayan people are famous. Throughout Chiapas
in thousands of tiny Mayan towns and rural areas, indigneous people are
searching for creative and effective ways to challenge the pervasive injustice
and violence that still marks the daily life of indigenous people in Chiapas.
Many autonomous Mayan schools remain closed- at least until community
assemblies have completed their work.

Schools for Chiapas urges people of conscience everywhere to join the
in a "Solidarity Red Alert For Chiapas." We believe that during this critical
period it is vital for the Mayan communities to be granted the opportunity to
carefully examine their options and make plans for the future.


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Re: This MONDAY Zapatista Update/ Schools for Chiapas ON FREE RADIO SC

Tune into the Global Local show with yours truly for an interview with one of the representatives from Schools for Chiapas. This will be a brief interview before the event at the Louden Nelson Center.

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