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New York Human Rights attorney Lynne Stewart is interviewed on FRSC

George Cadman of Free Radio Santa Cruz interviews New York Human Rights attorney Lynne Stewart about her conviction, the climate of fear and intimidation in this country and what people can do about it. Lynne Stewart will be sentenced in September and faces up to 30 years in prison. The judge has the descretion to give her no prison time, only probation, if he so chooses, so letters to the judge are encouraged.

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On Febuary 10, 2005, New York civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart was convicted of conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists and defrauding the US government. Yet, Stewart never provided any financial support, weaponry or any other concrete aid for any act of terrorism. No act of terrorism is alleged to have resulted from her actions. Stewart's supposed support for terrorism instead consisted of aiding her client in 2000 by giving a press release to Reuters News Service in Cairo, Egypt, and of being present when her co-defendants allegedly aided her client in writing a series of letters.

Her trial was held in the same courtroom where the Rosenburgs were tried for conspiracy to commit espionage more than 50 years ago.

Stewart will be sentenced in September and faces up to 30 years in prison. Though the judge has the discretion to give her no prison time at all, if he chooses.

Lynne and her supporters argue that all she did was represent her client effectively as a good attorney should.

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Lynne Stewart T-shirts!

Re: New York Human Rights attorney Lynne Stewart is interviewed on FRSC

What Has Become of US?

A Kargar (galileo19 (at)

"A dictatorship would be a heck-of a lot easier; as long as I'm
dictator." George W. Bush

Today, as we speak, human rights attorney Lynne Stewart is facing a 30-year
prison sentence, accused of "helping Middle Eastern terrorists". Stewart, a
true American hero, is being attacked by the Bush administration, for
standing on the side of America's Muslim and Middle-Eastern communities and
defending them.

While Stewart is being persecuted for her convictions, the US government is
considering granting asylum to Luis Posada Carriles, an international
terrorist who, just in one murderous act, took the lives of 73 people when
he blew up the passenger plane belonging to Cubana de Aviacion in mid-air on
October 6, 1976. This is a man who has, time and again boasted about his
acts of violence to American journalists.*

Luis Posada's partner, Orlando Bosch** who was involved in the assassination
of Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and US citizen Ronnie Moffit in
Washington DC, in 1976 was given refuge by Bush the father. While Bosch
lives freely in Miami, American activist Lori Berenson is serving a 20-year
sentence in the dungeons of Peru. Lori was sentenced by a hooded military
tribunal who accused her of "treason against the fatherland" and leading an
"insurgent organization".

Despite the fact that Fujimori (Peru's fugitive former president), and in
particular, his spymaster chief Vladimiro Montesino (who is currently in
prison in Peru for murder, arms and drug trafficking) were closely connected
to the US intelligence circles and the CIA, the United States government
never made a serious effort to pressure the military in Peru to release Lori
Berenson. Imagine, if Lori was a right-winger, in prison in Cuba or
Venezuela instead of Peru, the Bush regime would have invaded those
countries by now.***

When Sara Jane Olson was arrested in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1999, she was
living a quiet life, married to a physician and taking care of their three
daughters. Sara was arrested for her involvement with the SLA (Symbionese
Liberation Army) and sentenced to a 14-year prison sentence.

By contrast, Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, a leader of the Haitian death squad
FRAPH who was involved in torture and the murder of hundreds, perhaps
thousands of Haitians (by testimony of human rights organizations), freely
roams the streets of New York City.****

What has become of us? How can we sheepishly tolerate the fact that those
whose actions were motivated by their deep sense of justice and sympathy for
the common man spend lifetimes in prison while murderers and criminals, such
as Posada Carrilles and Emmanuel Constant, not for a minute, have to worry
about jail time?

Lynne Stewart never murdered a single human being. Lori Berenson never
tortured a soul. Sara Jane Olson had to disapprear for more than twenty
years, while Patty Hearst, the "heiress" to the Hearst Newspaper was let go
- and all that while terrorists like Posada Carrilles and Constant, who have
tortured and murdered hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people, are
given protection.

Are we turning into a nation living on its knees, accepting lies and
deception from our "elected" officials, calling their crimes mistakes? When
they stain our honor and integrity with torture and repression, will we sit
idly, hoping they will be voted out of office the next election? The very
fact that Posada Carriles is being protected by the Bush regime clearly
demonstrates the fact that this administration has NO qualms whatsoever
about torture, murder, and acts of terror.

Today, our children are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Social services for the needy are being cut to nothing.
Over 40 million Americans lack the most basic healthcare coverage.
Our schools are falling apart for lack of funds, while money is being
diverted to military contractors, the likes of Halliburton, Bechtel, ...
Those who brought us Vietnam, the Watergate, the October Surprise,
Iran-Contra, and the Iraq war now have their eyes set on our last safety net
which is Social Security.
This administration has militarized the society and keeps doing so more and
more every day.
They even shamelessly declare their right to bulldoze our homes to make way
for the wealthy developers. First they bulldozed the homes of the
Palestinians and we did not scream loud enough. Now, our turn has come.
What has become of us? Are we are sitting by, hoping they will be voted out

Well, we are wrong. The neo-conservatives are going to be even more power
hungry, much more desperate, and even more devious the next election.
Nevertheless, even a Democratic electoral victory will not be able to
reverse the damage done to the fabric of the society by the neo-cons.
Imagine if the people of the world had just voted Hitler out of office.

So what is to be done? The answer is not so simple, but perhaps, each and
every one of us has to come up with a solution of his/her own. What we
cannot afford to do is to submit. We need to set the wheels in motion to
bring about a revolution of ideas and of action. Remember, it is such a
shame that the African-American writer and activist, Mumia Abu-Jamal is
where Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles need to be. We need to free the
Mumias, the Lynne Stewarts, and Lori Berensons. We need to honor and esteem
the Leonard Peltiers and Ward Churchills.

How can we look into the eyes of the victims of Luis Posada Carriles (the
ones who have survived) and tell them that the Bush administration is
sweeping under the rug Carrilles' crimes?

How can we have Assata Shakur in exile when Kenneth Lay, the biggest
criminal in America's corporate history, whose fraudulent schemes destroyed
the livelihood of thousands, continues a life of comfort and luxury?

Daniel Ellsberg, the Vietnam-era activist and another true hero encourages
people with access to relevant documents concerning the war to turn them
over to Congress and the press.***** I believe, if you have access to any
documents formulating repression of any people or corporate or political
cover-ups, it is your duty to reveal those documents to the public. You owe
this to the future generations of Americans and the foreign victims of the
US aggression, the Iraqis, Vietnamese, Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, ...

"I have no doubt there are numerous people who have access to such
documents," Ellsberg says. "[Leaking them] may cost them their careers or
even jail time, but it could save many lives."

Will the neo-conservatives, who have come to the office in a horrific
corporate coup, willingly give up power? Unfortunately, our establishment
liberals are still under such an illusion, while the neo-conservatives are
further strengthening their position through repressive legislation, such as
the Patriot Act and by taking over all branches of the government. In the
meantime, their "War of Terror" will ensure our best and most dedicated
citizens, such as Lynne Stewart or Mumia are put away while leeches, such as
Karl Rove, Kenneth Lay, Posada Carriles, and Emmanuel Constant take a free
ride on our backs. Will we let them?
Footnotes and references:

* Luis Posada Carriles -,
The Bloody Face of "Bambi" -

* 'In an interview in July 1998, The New York Times reported that Posada had
said he ''organized a wave of bombings in Cuba last year at hotels,
restaurants and discotheques'' and also that his chief supporters were
leaders of the Cuban American National Foundation, including its founder,
Jorge Mas Canosa, who died in 1997.' -

** Orlando Bosch -

*** Committee to Free Lori Berenson -

**** Human Rights Watch on Emmanuel Constant -

***** Q-and-A with Daniel Ellsberg -


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