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Act to Stop CAFTA NOW!

cafta_jobloss.pdf (45 k)
CAFTA -- job loss on both sides of the border study.
cafta_factsheet2.pdf (12 k)
CAFTA fact sheet.
Dear Monterey Bay Solidarity Activist,

Urgent Action Needed

Tell Your
Senators to
Vote Down CAFTA

It’s urgent that you contact our senators now and urge them to oppose this job-killing trade deal.

Thanks for all that you do for working families.

You’ve helped us get the word out on CAFTA—the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement that would hurt U.S. jobs. Now is the time to really turn up the heat.

Our senators may vote on CAFTA—this week. It’s urgent that you contact our senators now and urge them to oppose this job-killing trade deal. Please click on the link below, or keep reading:

CAFTA is called NAFTA’s “twin brother? for good reason. CAFTA is just like NAFTA—a failure. NAFTA supporters promised us it would help our economy and reduce poverty and inequality in Mexico. Instead, we lost nearly 1 million U.S. jobs and Mexican workers earn less in real terms than they did before NAFTA.

CAFTA is more of the same—another flawed trade deal that will sell out America’s jobs and do nothing to pull people out of poverty in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

In fact, CAFTA is the Wal-Mart of trade deals. It gives big, multinational corporations all the breaks while forsaking good jobs, workers’ rights and decent wages.

Please act now. Demand that your senators stop CAFTA now. Click on the link below:

Thank you for working for working families—and for good jobs.

In solidarity,

Monterey bay Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
June 29, 2005

P.S. Please forward this notice widely

For more information on CAFTA, please see the study and fact sheet in pdf format.

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