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Anarchist Literature!

Quiver Distribution, local purveyor of anarchist theory and analysis, now has radical pamphlets and periodicals available at Barrios Unidos, located at 1817 Soquel Ave. (near the front door). Available for sale are anarchist publications, writings on prison and prisoner support, analysis of revolts, social struggles and indigenous resistance, and plenty of intelligent and inspiring anarchist theory. (Tambien tenemos pamphletas en espanol.) Most pamphlets are only $1 and a few things are free. Since the infoshop closed, we have been trying to make this literature available at a public space. Keep in mind also that the Anarchist Library is available at 924 Soquel Ave (The Sacred Grove) for checking out books and pamphlets for free. The Anarchist Library keeps getting better and more and more people are using it!

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Re: Anarchist Literature!

I just moved to town, and I have been finding addresses on the internet for these places that no longer exist. I did find the bike hub though. What are some other interesting places to go to here? I noticed that Santa Cruz covers a lot more space for the amount of people it has, and has more businesses, because it is all one or two storeys, and so many visitors come from out of town on the weekend to Pacific street and so forth.

Re: Anarchist Literature!

yo might also want to check out the Resource Center for Nonviolence at 515 Broadway. They've got a bookstore and have been the center of some local activity for a while. Their website is

you might also check out Sin Fronteras Cafe downtown.


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