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Post Carbon Santa Cruz meeting (7/7)

6pm Thursday July 7th
515 Broadway, Santa Cruz
Resource Center for Non Violence:
We will be working on "Taking Inventory" and dividing that further, start with "Natural Resources", assessing the bioregion of Santa Cruz County. Also two Santa Cruz citizens will share how they are working to live ina low energy world.

515 Broadway Santa Cruz
Resource Center for Non Violence

Cost: free

Contact: mayadolphin "at"



Mission Statement

Post Carbon Santa Cruz combines creative thinking and direct action toward the goal of living with fewer hydrocarbons and increased intimacy with the natural world. Artistic and celebratory expressions will be emphasized throughout the newly evolving, community based economy created from reduced fossil fuel consumption. Knowledge sharing and experimentation will facilitate the transition to a slower, cleaner and conscious lifestyle. A deeper sense of community will result through the local use and production of food, transportation and energy.

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