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UNT leader Stalin Perez Borges tour in California

Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution
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UNT leader Stalin Perez Borges speaking in California

By U.S. Hands Off Venezuela
Tuesday, 05 July 2005

The U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, San Francisco Labor Council, and Open World Conference have invited Stalin Perez Borges of the Venezuelan UNT (National Union of Workers) for a series of meetings in California between September 22 and October 2, 2005.

Stalin Perez Borges will be speaking at ILWU Local 34 hall, 4 Berry St., SF, on Sunday Sept. 25th at 3 pm.

ILWU Local 34 Hall is located next door to SBC Park.
Use the "N" line of Muni toward SBC Park.
For more information about the event call


The UNT was founded in August 2003 as the response of democratic trade unionists in Venezuela to the fact that the unelected and illegitimate leadership of the CTV had supported and participated in the military coup in April 2002 and the bosses' lockout in December 2002. The UNT has now become the main trade union organization in Venezuela and is actively participating in the struggle for workers' control and co-management which it has already achieved in state-owned companies like Alcasa and Cadafe and recently nationalized ones like Venepal and CNV.

Stalin Perez Borges is one of the national coordinators of the UNT. He comes from the UTIPC (Union de Trabajadores de la Industria Procesadora del Cigarrillo) [Union of Workers of the Cigarette Processing Industry], the union at the big Filtrona cigarette filter factory in Valencia. He has been a long time union leader in Valencia was a member of Fetracarabobo [Federation of Workers of the state of Carabobo], and is a founding member of the UNT. With decades of experience in the trade union movement, Borges became one ofthe main trade union leaders in the industrial state of Carabobo. He played a key role in the struggle against the coup in April 2002, and the bosses' lock out of December 2002.

These meetings are aimed at promoting a wide ranging discussion about the situation facing the labor movement as well as other important developments in Venezuela. Trade unionists and human rights activists in this country need to know the truth in order to effectively defend the struggle for trade union freedoms and justice in Venezuela.

We invite all Hands Off Venezuela supporters in California, across the United States and around the world to support this important initiative. We hope Stalin Perez Borges' visit to California will be the first in a series of exchanges between Venezuelan and U.S. trade unionists. To make this visit possible, we are launching a fund raising drive to cover the many expenses we will incur. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Letters of support for Stalin Pérez Borges' visit are also appreciated and can be sent to contact (at)

The SF Bay HOV committee will be holding a series of local meetings and fundraisers in preparation for this important visit. More details on these meetings and events featuring Stalin Perez Borges will be made available regularly on this site. Please contact the US HOV campaign for more information.

contact (at)


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