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FSRN: Santa Cruz Transit Workers Rally for Health Care & Wages

Transit workers around the nation have been facing off with employers over health care and wages. In Oakland, CA a strike of 2,300 Bay Area Rapid Transit workers was derailed early Wednesday morning, after union officials, and BART management agreed to contract terms. Elsewhere, union officials in Phoenix, AZ put the brakes on a June 30 bus strike, and in Philadelphia last month, SEPTA (transit) workers agreed to stay on the job without a contract until Sept 5. Meanwhile, Santa Cruz Metro workers, are ramping up pressure for a fair deal after their contract talks reached a stalemate. FSRN's Vinny Lombardo looks at how rising health insurance costs leave both workers and employers unable to foot the bill.
fsrn_0707_transit.mp3 (3233 k)
Report for July 7,2005 edition of FRee Speech Radio News. TRT: 3:26

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