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Is Free Speech on Campus Dead??

Current local context for the controversial article by California based commentator who is addressing California Assemblyment and academicians in seperate correspondence
There was a time when California universities and colleges stood for diversity of opinion, and to be a liberal, a leftist, a progressive or a radical meant that you stood for a thoroughly libertarian construction of the notion "academic freedom" and "free speech".

No more. Now it is OK for rabid revolutionists like Ward Churchill to speak on campus, but if someone like Ithmar Marcus wants to question Palestinian media, they are illegally censored and no one does anything about it.

Case in point: UC Santa Cruz

University of Santa Cruz professor Nancy Stoller is publicly accused of tearing down posters for an authorized presentation by Palestine Media Watch, but is not questioned or disciplined by USC.

Case in point:

Ward Churchill, on the other hand, is invited as keynote speaker on the issue of "Academic Freedom"CSU Monterey Bay on May 2, 2005. This went unmolested by right-wingers, despite the fact that Ward Chruchill is a defender of terrorist Mohammed Atta.

I attended the University of Colorado and know whereof I speak. Some of my views were posted from the Public Library under the psuedonym Sid Jones, TheHobbit .

Can the Left Tolerate Dissenting Views? The Case of Ward Churchill? )

Do I expect UC Monterry to not invite Churchill because I detest his views? Not at all. Do I throw eggs or pies at him? Not at all. Do I rip his posters from the wall? Not at all.

What I do is, I write and express my opinions. Ironically, it is the very expression of different opinion or differences of persona - difference, per se - which now seems the fastest way for a ticket off campus.

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