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New Marijuana Club Goes Before Planning Commission, City Council

The upcoming Greenway club application by Lisa Molyneux will be going to the Planning Commission at 7 PM Thursday July 21st at City Hall.
The issue is also on Rotkin the City Council agenda for 3 PM Tuesday July 26th.

Folks can call in to 420-5020 to ask Council to support the Club; call the Planning Department at 420-5100 to support the application there.

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Lisa Molyneux and Planning Commission Discussion on Radio Sunday

Beginning around 10:45 a.m. I'll be playing most of the Planning Commission discussion of the Greenway Cannabis Club application on Free Radio Santa Cruz on 96.3 FM and Lisa Molyneux will be joining me on the air--probably around noon--to discuss the Planning Commission action and the upcoming City Council meeting debate.

The application comes up for a vote at City Council Tuesday July 26 in a Public Hearing as item #25, apparently scheduled at a time certain at 3 PM. The afternoon session itself starts at 2 PM session.

Lisa invites public support for her application in person, or call City Council at 420-5020, or e-mail them at citycouncil (at) prior to the Council meeting on Tuesday.

A letter I previously tried to post on this issue to Mayor Rotkin supporting Lisa Molyneux's application was apparently deleted by santa cruz indymedia. They have informed me that they instituted a complete blackout on any letters or communications from Becky Johnson, even when posted by third parties.

Should anyone be interested in reading her letter, it will be shortly posted at, or can be obtained by e-mailing me at rnorse3 (at) .

I encourage others to write their own letters and e-mails to City Council--urging a change in the City law as well as endorsement of the Molyneux application.

As mentioned in past posts, city law has effectively prevented any club from opening for the past five years and bans them from opening in any commercial corridor, making access more difficult for those who need it.

If Milyneux's Greenway club opens for business (as now seems possible), it will be a major breakthrough for medical marijuana patients and a blow against the Drug War locally.

The SCPD has filed a statement opposing the opening of the club and is expected to weigh in against it at the City Council meeting Tuesday.

Lisa will also be speaking live on KSCO 8:10 AM on Monday morning at AM 1080, if I am correctly informed.


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