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Planning a Party? Don't Buy These Gallo Brands

If you still dare to throw a party now that the Santa Cruz anti-partying ordinance has been enacted, be sure to avoid the following brands. The are all owned by Gallo, a company who is continuing to use over 75% temporary workers, denying them any benefits or contracts. Gallo even tried to illegally get rid of the UFW last year.

Please boycott the following brands, sign on to the UFW's petitions and SPREAD the WORD!
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Andre, the 'Colt 45' of Champagnes.
Boycott these Gallo Labels



Ballatore Spumante

Bartles & Jaymes Coolers

Bella Sera

Black Swan

Boone's Farm

Bridlewood Winery


Carlo Rossi

Cask & Cream Caramel Temptation

Cask & Cream Chocolate Temptation



E & J Gallo Twin Valley

E&J Cognac

E&J Gallo Vineyards

E&J VS Brandy

E&J VSOP Brandy

Ecco Domani

Ernest & Julio Gallo Twin Valley Vineyards

Frei Brothers

Frei Brothers Reserve

Gallo Estate

Gallo Fairbanks

Gallo Livingston Cellars

Gallo of Sonoma

Gallo of Sonoma County Series

Gallo of Sonoma Estate Series

Gallo of Sonoma Single Vineyard

Gallo Sheffield Cellars

Gallo Vermouth

Gossamer Bay

Indigo Hills

Indigo Hills Blanc de Blancs

Liberty Creek

Livingston Cellars

Louis M. Martini

MacMurray Ranch


McWilliams Hanwood Estate


Napa Valley Vineyards

Peter Vella

Rancho Zabaco

Rancho Zabaco Winery:

Red Bicyclette

Redwood Creek


Turning Leaf

Turning Leaf Coastal Reserve


Wild Vines

William Wycliff

I'm no wine snob, but it doesn't look like you'll be missing much. Activism tastes better every day!

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