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The Devils Fruit

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Some Nice Pix To Consider During The Study of ENMOD Chemtrailing


• Life in L.A.
— stan @ 10:59 pm 2004

Being a transplant from Back East, it took me several years to get used to the idea that citrus fruit just grows on trees in peoples’ back yards here. I’ve accepted this. But this evening, I needed a lemon from our neighbor’s tree, and I saw these weird-looking mutant lemons growing on it. You won’t find these for sale in the produce section:
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Re: The Devils Fruit

I was curious about the photo that is always being shown as proof positive of chem-trials, so, I called NOAA, since it is their picture. They told me that what you see on the photo is aircraft contrails, and that the area with the highest concentration is an airbase that was used during the first Gulf War. Looking at a topographical map of the area and where the airbases were located, they are correct. It is aircraft contrails, not chem-trails.

Re: The Devils Fruit


Info on chem-trails.


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